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Easy Cake Recipe with chocolate frost and mango, strawberry topping....for anniversary celebration

I made this Yellow cake with chocolate fudge on our semi anniversary celebration:)It was really awesome :) It's said that little bite of chocolate makes us feel good that's why I prefer chocolate frost on it!!!!!! Here is the recipe....
Ingredients: For Yellow Cake: 1 cup butter1 1/2 cup white sugar3eggs3/4 cup milk1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract2 cups cake flour2 teaspoons baking powder1/2 teaspoon salt
For frost:

Easy and Tasty Tomato onion dal - Tomato pappu

Tasty tomato dal with cryspy onions.......

To make tomato pappu you will need:
Toor dal/ kandi pappu-1cup
Tomatos sliced-1 cup
Onions - sliced in to large pieces- 1 cup
Green chillies- chopped-2ts
Salt to taste
chili powder-1/2ts
Turmeric- pinch
Garlic- finely chopped- 1/2ts
chopped ciliantro---2t.s
Cumin seeds--------Few
Mustard seeds------Few
Red chili-1


Take 1cup of toor dal in a pressure cooker and wash it.Cook by adding 2 cups of water for about 2 whistles.Mean while, take a pan and heat 2ts of oil in it and add cumin seeds + mustard seeds + red chili and allow them to splutter.Add onions + Green chili + ginger and saute until they get half cooked.Now, add tomato's and cook the mixture under medium flame until tomato's are completely cooked.Next add chili powder and salt. Mix wellAdd cooked dal to the mixture and mix well.Finally garnish with cilantro. 
This pappu goes well with rice and roti. Hope you like my recipe.....
plz come back again :)

Mango Lassi / Mango Yoghurt Drink

Lassi is the traditional yoghurt / Curd based drink in India, Mango lassi is the most common recipe in every Indian house in summer season. First let us know the health benefits of this lassie. 

MANGO: It's Summer season.... no i'm wrong mango season....Yes, Mango is the favorite fruit for every one. I love to have them in any form....I used to love mango more in my tutti frutti. Nutrition Facts of Mango: Source: google images Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients. The fruit pulp is high in prebioticdietary fiber, vitamin C, diverse polyphenols and provitamin Acarotenoids. Mango contains essential vitamins and dietary minerals. The antioxidant vitamins A, C and E compose 25%, 76% and 9% of the Dietary Reference Intake(DRI) in a 165 grams (5.8 oz) serving. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, 11% DRI), vitamin K (9% DRI), other B vitamins and essential nutrients, such as potassium,copper and 17 amino acids are at good levels. Mango peel and pulp contain other phytonutrients,…

Food for those 5 days of Women- Spinach Coconut and Sesame dal

Do you have any idea about how much amount of blood is lost during menstrual cycle of women?
It is about 30-40ml in a normal women.

At this stage women requires iron.
As we all know iron helps in formation of new blood, it is the main component in hemoglobin.
During these five days food rich in iron is recommended for the women.

Women loose iron not only during menstrual cycle but also during pregnancy. Survey reviles that 80% pregnant women are anemic. Spinach contain Folic acid (vit B9), iron and very essential vitamin A that are very essential during pregnancy. Sesame is also rich source of iron.  

So I'm combining both to make a perfect combo that recovers iron and other minerals during those five days and pregnancy.

Nutrition Facts:
Yellow lentils / toor dal / kandi pappu:
 per 100grms they contain 
10gm-dietary fiber

1 cup of boiled/ cooked Spinach Contain
Dietary fiber-4g

Vitamin A377%Calcium24%Vitamin C29%

Banana Orange dessert

Hello folkes,
    ThnQ for your well wishes. I do not know that bloggywood friends show this much sisterhood. I find many of my folks asking about our safety. This blog and you all have become very much part of my life now.

Yesterday was a very bad day, though there was a tornado watch, I never thought it would turn to a warning. Me and my hubby hold hand in hand and just prayed to god. God answered our prayers.

Really that was terrific. Now we are safe and happy, bcoz tornado didnt not cause any loss to common wealth of Kentucky. Now you say enough of the story ;)...., so i'm stopping and presenting you the yummy and colorful dessert.

Banana-Orange Dessert:
Banana's--6 small size/ 3 medium size (Ripe and Sweet banana's should be prefered)
Orange juice-1cup (160ml)
Butter--1/2 slice
Brown Sugar/ Grated Jaggery-1cup (160ml)
Dry fruits- walnut, Almonds, Cashew nut (all together 1/2 cup)
Elachi/ Cardamom powder-1/2ts (optional)


Peel out bananas and make them …

Tornado hit by Hopkinsville Kentucky

This is the first time I'm watching a tornado. It's very huge one.It passed by in front of our eyes.
It was loaded with 65miles per hour wind and rain.thank god we are safe now...but the forecast says that it is moving towards north east.

Hope friends you all are fine...

Weather Alert :western portions of kentucky Christian County westward and includes western Tennessee, and parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, and Indiana

In the early afternoon strong stroms are reported.There is a high probability that severe storms will occur.
NO tornado watches have been issued for western ky so far. But there are lotz of chances for a tornado watch it frndz be careful.
This is just a warning check for more weather details.....

Fajitas mexican recipe in indian style

Fajitas are the famous mexican recipe, they are made with tortilas. Tortilas are similar to chapati/ roti/ pulka.
With tortilas they also make tortila soup, tortila chips and tortila flats.
Fajitas are similar to chapati rolles in india. Fajitas can be made in to wide varieties based on the filling. Chicken fajitas , beef fajita and steak fajita are most popular menu of mexican recipes in US.
Today i'm gonna show capsicum egg fajita recipe. It is very quick and easy recipe. kids will love it in luch box. You can enjoy this for any meal breakfast/ luch / dinner.

Capsicum-made into thin and long slices-1cup
Onions-made into thin and long slices-1cup
Pepper powder-1/2ts
salt to taste


Take a pan and heat 2ts of oil in it.Add capsicum+onions and fry until half cooked under a medium flame, do not cook till they get mushy.Break open eggs and add it to the mixture in the pan and saute it until the egg is completely cooked.Finish by adding pepper powder and sal…

curry puff + samosa = Potato flowers

I already told Aipi that i will try this recipe.......
hi aipi this is the excellent flowers i got.....thnx for nice recipe...

I like medium spice so i cut-shot some of the ingredients that aipi used,,,,,,,
Potato---boiled and sliced 2cups
onions---1/2 and 1/2 cup
green chilies/ pappers---finely chopped---2ts
green peas (batani)--1/4cup
salt to taste
chat masala


Take pastry sheet out of the box and let it come down to room temperature.Mean while prepare curry,Take a pan heat 2ts of oil and add 1/2 cup of onions+ green chilies+ turmeric+green peas and fry until onions are half cookedNow add boiled and diced potato to this and mix well by adding salt to taste.Now the curry is ready, add  remaining 1/2 cup onions to the curry and mix well.Take the pastry dough unfold it and cut it in to 8 squares,Take a muffin maker and grease the cups with oil.Mean while pre heat the oven at 350F.Sprinkle the chat masala on each doughlet, place it in muffin maker by s…

cooking capsicum without oil (low calorie cooking)

capsicum chopped---2cups
roasted gram powder (putnala podi)--2ts
chili powder-1/2ts
salt to taste
onions--1cup (optional)
cilantro for garnishing


Heat a thick bottom non stick pan and add onions+capsicum in to the vessel.Close with lid and cook in medium flame untill the capsicum turn tender.Then add chili powder+salt+roasted gram dal powder  mix them together and cook for another 5min in simmer,Finally garnish with cilantro.

super healthy Diet juice... best natural diet pill for weight loss

I feel summer is the fabulous time for weight loss.....well planned diet with liquids is the best solution to fight calories....Here I celebrate diet week with best tips for weight is

Super healthy juice for weight detoxifies your body....
should take every day for about a month along with your regular food diet...either in the morning or a regular time......drinking this juice only will not help in weight loss...u need to do exercise as well...if you are on diet include this juice in a diet you will find fabulous results...many of my friends including me hav tried this juice it works brought good charm in my face...itz rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. 

Beat root---1/2
Carrot---1 large
Cucumber (kheera doskaya)--1/2
Mint leaves--few
lemon juice--2ts


Grind beet root+carrot+cucumber+ mint leaves together and filter juice.Mix lemon juice and honey to the obtained juice mixture and enjoy.
If you like my recipe plz f…