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New year wishes

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2012!!!!

Spinach cheese pin wheels with potato twist

Who will not drool on pinwheels!!!! especially spinach cheese pinwheels are every ones favorite. Imagine these pin wheels with a slight tangy and spicy potato twist, I know you will start drooling after reding this and start making them right away!! This recipe is very simple and tastes delicious. This is good if you have large number of guests arriving shortly at your home.
You can prepare these yummy puffs, the day before your guests arrive and refrigerate them. Next day you can bake them. This way you will find some time to chat with your buddies and mean while your snacks will be ready. When they start baking in a half way your home will be filled with the wonderful aroma and your guests will not wait to taste them. They look awesome and tastes wonderful!! your guests will not stop praising you!!

Ingredients (For making 8 pin wheels) Serving size:2 or 3 Puff pastry Sheet-1 Tomato puree-1/2tbsp mixed with a pinch of Oregano(optional) Boiled and mashed potato-1cup Cheese(Cheddar 1/4cup &a…

Pasta with corn in Indian style

Pasta is kids favorite food, the best thing about the pasta is it absorbs the flavor very well, when you cook in any kind of sauce and tastes different even with a slight variation in the recipe. Do you think pasta is good or bad? I did a little research on nutrient facts on pasta and found out that pasta is neither good nor bad. It depends on the way you cook, how often you eat and what kind of ingredients you use in cooking.

Now a days different kinds of pastas are available in the market  among them soy pasta is the best!!! The other grain pastas are also good, here you can see the information of nutrient facts in a dry pasta, the good thing about pastas is they give you minimum of 8% fiber. Athletes eat pasta when they are preparing for a marathon, this is because the starch in the pasta releases energy slowly and for a long time they do not feel hungry!!!

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 4.5 oz (128 g) Amount Per ServingCalories370 …

Calorie chart for Indian Food

Here are the standard amount of calorie estimates for the Indian Food. This chart specifies number of claories you gain when you consume it!! here you can find the calorie information for milk and milk products, Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beverages, cerelas, dals, raits, chutneys and curry preparations.

. Standard Measures . 1 Cup200 ml . 1 Bowl150 ml . 1 Glass250 ml . 1 Table Spoon15g . 1 Tea spoon5g . . MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS . Food StuffAmountCalories . Cow's Milk1 cup135 . Soya Milk1 cup85 . Toned Milk1 cup90 . Double Toned Milk1 cup70 . Skimmed Milk1 cup60 . Cottage Cheese . Cow's Milk100g265 . Buffalo Milk100g292 . Yoghurt (Cow's Milk)1 Bowl100 . Yoghurt (Toned Milk)1 Bowl70 . Youghurt . (double toned Milk)1 Bowl50 . Butter Milk1 cup30 . Cream light1 1/2 tbsp45 . Khoya100g421 . Processed cheese1 Cube (25g)80 . Condensed Milk1/2 Cup228 . Powdered Milk1 tbsp70 . Fruits . FruitsApple1 Medium (100g)60 . FruitsBanana1 Medium (100g)139 . FruitsCherries10 (70g)45 . FruitsDates (fried)10 (100g)317 . FruitsG…

Tomato Capsicum Bath with Chicken Broth in Rice cooker

I am really addicted to the Mexican recipes these days. Few days back I tried Mexican rice and they turned awesome, now I just tried the same recipe in Indian style. From past month I have been making one pot meals for my hubbys lunch box, which are very simple and delicious recipes. Similarly, I tried this today, and just now I got a phone call my hubby telling that the rice is fantastic!!! This is the best compliment that I have ever heard from my hubby, he is a bit inexpressive tells about the recipes unless you ask him!! But today to my surprise he called and told me about it!!!:) Now stories apart coming to the recipe..

Long Grain rice(Available in all most all grocery stores)- 3cups
salt to taste
Chicken Broth-4 cups
Capsicum finely chopped-1/4cup
Cilantro/coriander-10 springs chopped
Green peas-1/8 cup
Tomato puree-1/2cup
Green chili-2
cinnamon-1 inch stick
Bay leaf-1
Pudina powder-1/2tbsp(or fresh pudina leaves/M…

NaaN- every ones favorite starter(Both egg based and Eggless)

Naan is a Flat bread, Originally, naan is a generic term for various flat breads from different parts of the world. In many of the restaurants in India it is served as a starter. Generally 1 or 2 naans will fill your stomach, the size of the naans are that big. Also these naans come in various flavors very famous naan variety is garlic naan. I remember ordering this every time when I have been to a restaurant in India. The best vegetarian combination is Panner butter masala and Garlic naan. And for the Non vegetarians Chicken tikka masala and onion naan is the best combo.  In Turkic languages, such as Uzbek, Kazakh and Uyghur, the flat breads are known as nan. The name stems from (New) Persian, a generic word for bread. In Burmese, flat breads are known as nan bya(Source Wikipedia). Preparation of naan is not an easy task, it takes about 2-3hrs.

Ingredients (Recipe for Eggless naan's)
All purpose flour(Maida)-2cups
Yogurt-1 cup
Dry active yeast-2tbsp
Salt to taste

Naan Pizza easy instant snack

This is the first time I made this wonderful Pizza. It is very easy, and believe me no one is going to identify the difference between orginal Pizza crust and Naan. The preparation is very simple and you can prepare with in 15min. This is a easy instant snack and kids love it!!!

Naan 1
Enchilada sauce/any tomato sauce-3tbsp
Spring onions chopped 2 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese shredded- 1/4cup
Capsicum(Red, orange, yellow)- chopped-1/4cup
Onion sliced-1/4cup
Pizza seasoning/oregano-1/4tbsp
salt to taste
pepper powder-1/4tbsp

Heat pan and add 1tbsp of olive oil or any oil. Toss in all the vegges and saute for 5min under medium flame. Add pepper, salt to taste. Pre heat the oven to 350F. Now take the naan and sprinkle very little water on top and Bake in the oven  for 5min, remove naan flip it(so that the uncooked side is at the bottom) and spread tomato sauce and cooked vegges and cheese. Bake in oven for 10min. Broil it for 30sec. Serve hot!!…

Salad seasoned bread- Healthy Breakfast

I always told you that bread is one of my favorite breakfast item. Till now I posted many wonderful recipes made out of it, today I am posting the healthy version of it. You can even make this healthy snack when you have surprise guests at home. This is easy instant and delicious snacks, looks good and tastes good!!! I just munched on them, and I think you will love it too!!!

Whole wheat/ any Bread of your choice-3
Tomato finely chopped(Remove the Juicy inner part and cut the thick rind)-1/4cup
Onion Finely chopped-1/4cup
Olive oil(Prefer Extra Virgin)-2tbsp
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
Italian Seasoning(Oregano+Basil)-1/4tbsp
White vinegar(optional)-1/4tbsp

Remove the brown sides of the bread and toast it till it turns golden brown and crispy. Then prepare the salad by mixing all the above mentioned Ingredients. Cut the bread slice in to four equal parts or circles with the help of cookie cutter. Place 1tbsp of salad on top of each bread slice and enjoy. …

Microwave Cooking facts and health effects

It's Christmas means holiday time, thought to practise some healthy food habits in these holidays. Since I was a bit busy with my college work, to finish my cooking quick  I made lot of microwave cooking these days. I was watching some of the YouTube cooking videos today, and observed that most of them involve microwaving. One comment under the more info section in the YouTube video made me to think about microwaving the food. It said that "R u teaching how to cook or how to suicide? your cooking involves lot of microwaving!!!"
I was really surprised to see that comment, because I use lot of microwave to defrost or boil my vegetables. I did some research on it and I found this wonderful site that may be useful for you too!!! Click here to go to that site. This site also shows the reference articles that have been published, i.e., it gives the scientifically proven evidence for what ever the content is mentioned on it!!!
Here are some of the key points that I learned from…

Easy Indian Snack- Maida and Besin Biscuits

This is the first time I made this yummy and crispy snacks. My mother used to make them and serve hot when we return from our school. We used to munch on them, I enjoy eating them with little fresh and finely chopped tomatoes and onion seasoned with salt and pepper. They are just like mexican Nachos with Indian flavor. This is a simple yet delicious recipe. If you are looking for an instant Indian spicy and crispy evening tea time snack this should be perfect for you! This can be made during festivals too!!! It is a long term storage snack, it will stay good for 15days or more if you store in air tight container.

Gram flour/Besin/Senaga Pindi-1 cup
Maida/All purpose flour-1 cup
Omah/Ajwain/ carum seeds-1/2tbsp
salt-1tbsp or to your taste
Red chili flakes-1tbsp
oil for deep fry

Mix all the ingredients together with little water. The consistency of the dough should be like chapati/roti dough. Once the dough is ready take 2tbsp of oil and spread it on the surface of t…