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Lovely gift from

Thank you!!!!

Masala vada

Methi garelu or nethi garelu are very famous breakfast in south India... Dahi vada/perugu vada are most famous evening snacks for north Indians. As a whole methi vada is very favorite food for Indians. I love all kinds of vada made out of this dough!!! This masala vada goes good with dahi/curd/yogurt. You can also have them  with out chutney/yogurt.

Split Urad dal-2cups(when measured iwth 160ml cup)
Coconut- shreaded-2ts (optional)
salt to taste
Pepper powder-1/2ts
Mint leaves/pudina-1/4cup
cilantro/coriander leaves-20springs chopped
green chili-2 finely chopped
onion-1/4cup finely chopped
oil for deep fry
baking soda(pinch-optional)

Soak  Urad dhal for at least 6 hrs. Drain the water and grind it in a blender to a smooth batter Use very little water in the course of blending. More water will ruin the vadai shape & texture At the end, add all the above mentioned ingredients and mix well with slow speed to aerate your batter. TIP: To find if the batter is well a…

Black Friday Deals 2011 and Happy Thanks Giving

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Kidney beans, Black eye peas & vegetables Healthy soup

Yesterday I made this yummy soup for dinner. This smells awesome and tastes delicious. Apart from haing excellent smell and taste we have to look at the another important and intresting feature of this recipe. It is healthy and can be had with roti(Indian Bread) or Bread or Rolls. We had with toasted white bread. You can also have this soup with out any bread. You can modify this recipe to your taste, that is you can add more spices or reduce the spices and cook. You can even choose your favorite vegges also. That is why I like this soup a lot. Try it and you will ike it for sure.

Kidney beans 1/2 cup
Black eye peas-1/2cup
water as required
carrot-1 medium size sliced
Tomato-1 medium size schopped
Cauliflower/broccili-1/2cup florets
Green chili-2
salt to taste

I am making the mild spicy version of this recipe. you can prepare it to you taste by reducing or increasing the amout of ingredients. Wash and soak Kidney beans and Black eye peas for about 4-6hrs.
Now tak…

Guest Article by Leroy Templeton-Eat Healthy & fight Cancer

Dear readers,
I got a surprising mail few days back from Leory Templeton. The reason for her mail was to educate people with the good eating habits in order to fight against cancer. She wanted to do this through this guest article in my blog. I felt very happy and welcomed her to my space and now here is the wonderful article written by her regarding eat healthy and fight cancer.

Eat Healthy & fight Cancer
By: Leroy Templeton
“You are what you eat”
It’s a well known saying, but it may ring truer than most realize. Though it does not get as much press as others, diet is one of the leading causes of cancer development. An estimated 30% of cancer cases list dietary choices among the causes of the diagnosis. This is especially and important factor because it can play either a helpful or a harmful role. While poor dietary choices can lead to cancer, the right choices not only don’t promote cancer, but they actually work to prevent it!
Clearly, you do not want to eat foods that cause cancer.…

Buttermilk rasam

Looks surprising isn't it? i was surprised too when i had it for the first time at my engineering friend swathi's  home. It was delicious and I had my complete rice with this rasam. If you have any one in home who does not like to have curd/yogurt directly you can try this. Because it does not smell like curd, it looks and smells awesome. My hubby do not like curd smell, so I made this and gave him for the lunch and he said it is awesome. Only if you are allergic to curd, do not try it otherwise it is good to have daily. Now coming to recipe

Gram flour-1tbsp
red chili powder-1/4tbsp
Garlic cloves-2
red chili-1
green chili-1
cumin seeds-1/2tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/2tbsp
Curry leaf-1 rind(optional)
water-1 cup
Coriander/cilantro-for garnishing
salt to taste


Take yougurt/curd in a large bowl and add water whisk it throughly untill it forms a uniform mixture. To this mixture add gram flour, red chili powder, salt and mix we…

Bean- vegetarian- burrito

Burritos!!!! Yummy these are one of my favorite Mexican fast food recipe. For vegetarians there are only few options for me to have a satisfactory food outside. Almost all the US fast food centers serve non vegetarian food. Mexican is the best choice for them. Here you can order any kind of food item that you like in the menu with no meat. I love vegetarian chalupa with beans apart from burritos. Now coming to burrito, it is beans, lettuce and tomatoes with cheese wrapped inside a tortilla sheet. In some taco bell restaurants it also may contain rice. Coming to recipe

Refried beans -1 can
Tortilla sheets 4
Lettuce chopped 1 cup
Onions chopped 1 cup
Tomato 1/2 cup finely chopped
Rice 1/2 cup
Cheese of your choice 1/4 cup grated
Sour cream 1/2 tbsp for each burrito

Take a tortilla sheet and add 4 tbsp of Refried beans, 2 tbsp of tomato, 2 tbsp of onion, lettuce 2 tbsp and sour cream at the center. Sprinkle some grated cheese and roll it up. It is optional to bake it …

How to make crispy potato bajji- Instant Indian Snack

I know after reading the title of the snack your mouth becomes watery!!!These snacks are that tempting, They are really easy to prepare and delicious in taste!!!
Feels like "NO ONE CAN EAT JUST ONE"!!!! I really love to have hot hot in this chill chill weather!!!
I will also tell you which oil you should use for fries etc.,

This recipe is for 2
Potato 1 big-pealed
Gram flour-2tbsp
Rice flour-1tbsp
red chili powder-1/2tea spoon
salt to taste
Ajwain/ Vama-1/2tbsp
Oil for deep fry

Peal and wash potato. Choose a thin blade slicer(If you have mandolin slicer it is well and good). Slice the potato to very thin pieces. Now take a bowel and add all the ingredients and mix well. add 1tbsp of water and mix well. To this mixture add all thinly sliced potato pieces and mix care fully. Now heat a thick bottom deep pan. Pour enough oil for deep fry and heat it under medium flame. Add one by one potato piece and deep fry till it is golden brown. Take them out and place …

Hosting Event with Surprise Gift for Thanks Giving 2011

Friends Thanks giving is approaching, I hope every one has started googling recipes. Turkey is the common recipe in every home for thanks giving. I think this will be a great advantage for those who are searching for the thanks giving recipes. Hope you will post your favorite recipes for thanks giving to me. There are no rules, the recipe can be newly prepared or which you have prepared for the last thanks giving. The winners will get a surprise gift. This contest is open to all. You need not have to be a blogger to participate in this contest.

This LOGO is must on your blog.
Just you should  have a photograph and recipe.
Please email your recipe with photograph to
and also with
Your Name:
Blog Name:
Link to recipe:
Recipe title:

Leave a comment here when you Email me

Please keep visiting my blog for more wonderful recipes!!!!
I hope you will post the recipes and make this contest a grand success!!!!

Purple cabbage and Cauliflower Noodles

I love noodles however you cook. My hubby is not a very big fan of noodles but yesterday night the delicious smell of this noodles tempted my hubby. I just prepared and gave him hot hot from the pan and he finished it in no time. I did not prepare any magical recipe, I just made a simple one with out any janjat(I mean to to say that I simplified the recipe, with limited ingredients) and made to Indian taste. I really loved this kind of non spicy and simple version, it is healthy and perfect for late night dinner.

Noodles(Spaghetti)- boil with little salt and soaked in cold water-1 cup
Purple Cabbage chopped to long thin slices-1/4cup(you can use regular cabbage too)
Cauliflower florets-1/4cup
Tomato puree-4tbsp
Salt to taste
Red chili powder-1/4tbsp
Pepper powder-1/4tbsp

Heat 2tbsp of oil in a skillet and add onions and cook for 1min under medium flame, then add Purple cabbage, cauliflower and little salt and mix well. Keep sa…

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