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Gutti Vankaya curry (Masala Bengan, Hyderabadi style)

Its been almost a month hello foodies, I'm back from a long break!! I told u already about my short trip to India!! In this trip I have learned many recipes from my mom!! But before going to the recipes topic let me tell U about my trip!!

My biggest satisfaction is that I saw my parents n bro in real(Yup!! its true every time I see them on skype I feel like touching them to feel their presence)!! I was always holding my mothers hand saying that I will not be able to touch you when I go back again, let me feel your presence. Most sad moment was then when my parents busted in tears when I was about to leave. I can't stop tears in my eyes even now while I am writing this, I can still remember their sad faces.

 I was alone, because it was only me who visited India, my hubby was stuck with some work so he could not accompany me for this trip. It is really difficult for me alone to get into the flight, my steps towards the counter made me to feel like I am stepping into a deep dar…