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Coconut dumplings curry/ old city famous coconut mutti curry

For Mutti/coconut balls/Dumplings:

Shredded coconut---------1cup
Basin/ Gram flour------------3ts
Chili/ pepper powder-------1/4ts
gingergarlic paste-----------1ts
cumin seeds-------------------few
Oil----------------------------------for deep fry

For Curry:
Chopped onions-----1/4cup
Green chilles---------2
chopped cilantro---2t.s
Cumin seeds--------Few
Mustard seeds------Few
Chana /split gram seeds-----1/4ts
split black gram seeds (moong dal)---1/4ts
Curry leaf----------1 rib
Salt-----------------To taste
Chili/ Pepper powder------1/2t.s
Red chilli----------1
Coriander powder--1/2ts
vegetable oil-------2ts
Ginger garlic paste---1/2 ts
Dry coconut powder--1ts
Tomato-----------------1 big
basin/ Gram flour-----1/2ts
Coconut Dumplings preparation:

Mix shredded coconut, chili powder, salt, gingergarlic paste, cumin seeds and flour in a bowl and with the water and prepare soft dough.Heat a pan with oil for deep fry. Take little d…

Instant Capsicum/ Vegetable Ravva Dosa


Samolina/Bombay ravva/ upma ravva-------------1cup
Rice flour-----------------------------------------1cup
Maida/All purpose flour---------------------------1/4 cup
Salt-----------------------------------------------to taste
Cumin seeds -------------------------------------1/2 table spoon
Green chilies(finely chopped)---------------------1 table spoon
Ciliantro/coriander--------------------------------1ts finely chopped
Curry leafs----------------------------------------1/2ts finely chopped
Capsicum-----------------------------------------2ts finely chopped
carrot---------------------------------------------1ts grated
Onions--------------------------------------------3ts finely chopped

1. Take a large bowl and add chilies, onions, cliantro, curry leaf, carrot, capsicum, salt, cumin seeds and mix         

2. Add all flours and mix them.

3. Add water and mix them well, the batter should be very thin just like a butter milk. Look for the taste of 
    salt now and add more …

Onion fritters indian style pakoda/pakodi..good food recipes deepthidigv...

Onion fritters (Indian Pakoda)

Onions------------2 large
Basin or Gram flour---3ts
Rice/Corn flour--------1ts
chilli powder----1/2ts
Salt----------------- to taste
Cumin seeds----few
Oil------------------for deep fry
                                                     Ginger garlic paste-1ts

1. Cut the Onions in to longitudinal thin slices.
2. Add all the Ingredients except flour'
3. Now add flour and mix well with 2ts of vegetable oil.The moisture in the onions should be enough to make 
    the dough.
4. Now Heat oil in a pan that is enough for deep frying.
5. Dip the dough dumplings in the oil and fry them in the medium flame untill they turn golden brown.
6. The onion fritters are ready to serve.

super healthy Diet juice...healthy summer juice

This juice contain cucumber,mint and lemon which causes cooling effect to body...chill this juice for few min in a refrigeratorSearch for cooking utensil setSearch for cooking utensil set and drink will feel relaxed.

This juice contain beetroot, carrot & honey which are rich in antioxidants and minerals...they increse immune strength, prevent from cancer. Fiber in these vegetables will help in weight reduction. this a overall healthy diet recipe...and cool summer recipe.

Shrimp/ Prawn fry Indian style

Shrimp fry Indian style

Shrimp (Frozen/ fresh)------25-30 in num.
vegetable oil----------------3ts
cumin seeds----------------few
ginger-garlic paste-----------1ts
onions chopped-------------2cups
coconut powder------------2ts
chilly powder----------------1/2ts
salt-------------------------to taste
cumin powder--------------1/2ts
coriander powder----------1/2ts
garam masala---------------1/4ts(if u wish to be spicy)
cilantro chopped--------------------2ts


Shrimp/ Prawns are cooked in the similar way there is no much difference in both of them. you can follow the same procedure for prawns. I used the cocktail large frozen shrimps. First thaw the shrimp in the cool running water for about 10min.Remove the tails and wash the shrimps and keep it aside.Take a thick bottom non stick pan heat it add 3ts of vegetable oil preferably olive oil tastes better.when the oil is hot add cumin seeds and allow it to splutter, add onions to this.when the onions are 1/4th cooked add shrimps and cook it. Shrimps will g…

chicken curry indian style.wmv

Chicken curry Indian style

Chicken(Breast/ thighs)----------------4 pieces
Chopped onions-----1/4cup
chopped ciliantro---2t.s
Cumin seeds--------Few
Cumin powder------1ts
Coriander powder--1ts
Garam masala------1/4ts
Dry coconut powder--2ts
Salt-----------------To taste
Chilli powder------1/2t.s
Procedure: 1. Take chicken cut it into medium size cubes by removing extra fat and wash it. 2. take a pan heat it add oil. 3. add cumin seeds, after they splutter add onions and little bit of salt which aids to cook onions faster. 4. after the onions are half cooked add gingergarlic paste and turmeric and cook it until raw flavor of garlic                 goes away. 5. add chicken and cook it untill 80% done by stirring it in constant intervals. 6.Now add chopped tomatos and coconut powder and cook it until tomatos are completely cooked. 7. Add red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, salt and garam masala. 8. cook for 5 min in simmer by adding little wa…

palli charu.wmv

tomato dal / pappu.wmv

Pea nuts/palli/moongaphalee rasam

Chopped onions-----1/4cup
pea nuts/palli/moongaphalee----1/2cup
Green chilles---------2
chopped ciliantro---2t.s
Cumin seeds--------Few
Mustard seeds------Few
Chana dal-----------1/4ts
black gram----------1/4ts
Salt-----------------To taste
Chilli powder------1/2tc
Red chilli----------1

1. Roast the pea nuts and grind them into a powder.take a leamon size tamerind and soak it in water.
2. Take a pan heat it and add 2 ts of oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds,red chilli,
chana and black gram and saute it.
3. after the seeds starts spluttering add onions and cook for 2min in a medium flame.
4. Add turmeric and gingergarlic paste and saute untill the raw flavour of ginger goes away.
5. Add tomatos and cook it.
6. after the tomatos got cooked add roasted pea nut powder and mix well.
7. cook this mixture for about 1min.
8. Now squeeze tamarind juice from soaked tamarind and add it to the cooking mixture.

Tomato dal/ tomato pappu

banana muffins.wmv

Banana Muffins

All purpose flour (maida)----1/2 cup
Sugar------------------------1/2 cup
Bananas mashed------------2
salt--------------------------1tea spoon
Baking Soda-------------------2tea spoons
Butter or canola oil---------1/2cup
cardamom powder

1. Brake an egg in a bowl and whisk it throughly.
2. Take banana and mash it and add it to the egg.
3. Add remaining sugar,salt, all purpose flour, milk and blend it again.
4. Now add baking soda and blend it by just giving one stir.
6. Mean while preheat the oven at 380F
5. Grease the muffin tray with oil and fill muffin cup up to 3/4th with the mixture.and
    decorate each cup with nuts u like and finally sprinkle cardamom powder on each cup.
6. Now bake muffins until they turn golden brown. this takes for about 10min.
7. after the muffins are ready take them out and let them cool to room temperature
8. Remove muffins with the help of t…



capsicum egg fry.wmv

easy puffed rice recipe poha (murmurala upma).wmv

Gulab jamun from instand gulab jamun mix

Gulab jamun from instant gulab jamun mix

Instant gulabjamun mix-----150gms
Sugar----------------------------- 1 Cup
Water-----------------------------2 Cups
Milk-------------------------------1/4th cup
Cardamom powder--------------1/2 table spoon
Oil--------------------------------for deep fry

Some people doesn't get good gulabjamuns even if they follow the procedure given in the instructions on the box. To get perfect jamuns follow these tips:
1. Prepare tight dough instead of soft.
2. Add milk to mix the dough not water.
3. After kneading the dough keep it aside for at-least 15min.
4. make sure that outer surface is smooth while making round dumplings.
5. fry dumplings under medium flame. (high flame makes them brown but inner stuff will remain raw and hard)

Here is my video on the same

Indian Popular Food Items

Achar/ Pacchadi: Any kind of pickle
Appadam: Indian wafer
Baghara: Spicy rice with vegetables.
Biryani: A spicy rice containing meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables
Chapati/Roti (Indian Bread): Thin bread cooked on the griddle Chutney: Any grinded Vegetable along with some spices.
Dal/ Pappu: Any kind of legume--beans, peas, or lentils
Dosa/ Dosai: Crispy, crepe-like southern Indian specialty filled with potato curry or onions
Ghee: Clarified butter
 Braised meats in a thick, mild creamy sauce
Kulcha: Tender, pita-like bread cooked in the tandoor
Lassi: A refreshing, creamy yogurt drink that can be sweet or salty
Masala: Spice blend
Naan: Flat, oval bread cooked in the tandoor
Pakora: Fritter dipped in a spicy chickpea batter; can be made with vegetables, cheese, chicken or seafood
Paneer: Cheese
Pappadum: Spicy lentil wafers
Paratha: Flaky bread fried on the griddle
Poori: Airy, deep-fried bread
Pulao: Basmati rice cooked with vegetables
Raita: A yogurt-based condiment usually containing vegetab…

Chicken Biryani made easy and tasty.