Food for those 5 days of Women- Spinach Coconut and Sesame dal

Do you have any idea about how much amount of blood is lost during menstrual cycle of women?
It is about 30-40ml in a normal women.

At this stage women requires iron.
As we all know iron helps in formation of new blood, it is the main component in hemoglobin.
During these five days food rich in iron is recommended for the women.

Women loose iron not only during menstrual cycle but also during pregnancy. Survey reviles that 80% pregnant women are anemic. Spinach contain Folic acid (vit B9), iron and very essential vitamin A that are very essential during pregnancy. Sesame is also rich source of iron.  

So I'm combining both to make a perfect combo that recovers iron and other minerals during those five days and pregnancy.

Nutrition Facts:
Yellow lentils / toor dal / kandi pappu:
 per 100grms they contain 
10gm-dietary fiber

1 cup of boiled/ cooked Spinach Contain
Dietary fiber-4g

Vitamin A377%Calcium24%
Vitamin C29%Iron36%
Sesame/ til / Nuvvulu 

Iron               7.78mg(62%)
Magnesium346 mg (94%)
Phosphorus774 mg (111%)
Potassium406 mg (9%)
Sodium39 mg (2%)

Spinach-Cleaned and Cut-1cup
Yellow lentils/ toor dal/ kandi pappu - 1cup
sesame powder-1ts
Fresh coconut grinded with 2 cloves of garlic-3ts
vegetable oil-2ts
cumin seeds-few
mustard seeds-few
red chili-1
Green chilis/ peppers-finely chopped 4ts
salt to taste
red chili powder- 1/2ts
tamarind juice-1cup (extracted form lemon size tamarind)


  1. Take Yellow lentils+spinach+green chilies+onions+turmeric+2cups of water in a Cooker and cook for 3 whistles.
  2. Open the lid when all the moisture inside the cooker escapes out.
  3. Mash all the ingredients.

      4. Now take a pan and het 2ts of oil and add cumin seeds + mustard seeds + Red chili and wait until they 
      5. Add Coconut mixture and cook until the raw falvor of coconut goes away and now add sesame        
         powder and cook for few more minutes in medium flame.

      6. Now add tamarind juice and cook for few more minutes. 
      7. When the mixture is throughly cooked add chili powder and salt.

      8. Now add Dal mixture to the pan and mix well. Cook for few more minutes and off the stove.

It's not only healthy but also tastes yummy.....enjoy this dish with rice/ roti....hope you all like it!!!!!!!!
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