IDLI batter became watery friends need your suggestions

Morning while talking  to my hubby, I was adding water into over night fermented Idli batter, while talking I didn't realize how much water I'm adding. Few more water drops spoiled my whole batter. Consistency now is thin. I left it that way in refrigerator. I can make utappam but I want Idli, friends any ideas to repair it?


  1. you can soak handful of poha n 1/4 cup rice together for 30 minutes and grind to a smooth paste n add it to your fermented idli batter...if you have rice rawa you can use that also instead of rice...
    hope this is helpful to you :-)
    let me know how you solved it to make idli :)

    1. Thank u tht was a vry useful tip fr me

  2. Can you mix in some oats or rawa (sooji) to make idlies? I am not sure. Just a hint, i think you need to work on the hint to get to the final product :-)

  3. thnQ sangee and Amritha for your quick reply, it has been very useful for me. I just tried the sangee version the idli's came out fluffy and tasty. Thank you sangee. Amritha I'll try ur recipe for next time. hope this information will be helpful for the users.

  4. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    i think we can add grated carrot, onion pieces and sooji, tadka to make vegetable idlies (i don know whether it adjusts the excess water)

  5. You can even add some wheat flour... Thats whaT I do...

  6. rice flour works perfect for this

  7. To add some wheat flour... maybe it helps? :)

  8. If like dosa happd

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