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Malai Kofta Curry (Spicy vegetable dumplings in creamy curry)

Being a new mom and with the job on other hand, it is really had for me to get back to the blogging. I finally sat down today as my little one is napping. I wanted to post this recipe from several days and here it comes. This is one of my party potluck recipe, and yes you gussed it right it was a big hit, for those who are calorie conscious,  I share few tips that cut down the calories, hoping they will be helpful to you. 
All you need for the recipe: (Makes around 30 dumplings) Can feed around 15people. 
For dumplings: Paneer grated- 8 table spoons
Boiled or pressure cooked mixed vegetables, I used the following vegetables. Potato-2Cauliflower-6 floretsCarrots-3Green peas- 1/2 cupBinding mixture:mix 2tbsp of all purpose flour/corn flour with 20ml of water. 
Salt to taste oil for deep frying/ ponganalu maker Green chili- finely chopped-5
For curry Roasted cashew nuts- 2 table spoons Cream or half and half milk- 50ml Tomato- 3large chopped Onion- 1 chopped Turmeric- 1tea spoon Ginger garlic…