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Crock Pot(Slow Cooker) Chicken Biryani

You know the best item to purchase for kitchen during thanks giving is Crock pot, I got it just for $10 and now it is $29. Though I did not have any idea how to use it, I just got it to experiment. When I told about this slow cooker to my mom, she immediately told me to make this biryani. She also said that in good olden days they used to prepare this way. The process of cooking slow makes the masala flavors in the curry to slowly diffuse in to the rice and gives a very unique and delicious flavor.

For marination:1 Kg or 2.2lb chicken(boneless or with bones)
4 tablespoons vegetable oil ( I prefer soybean oil)2 large onions, chopped longitudinally and fried to golden brown with little oil.2 tablespoon of gingergarlic paste1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 1 tablepoon chili powder(Depending on the heat you require, this gives mild heat)1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper1/2 tablespoon turmeric1 tablespoon cumin powder1 tablespoon coriander powderSal…

Cauliflower masala curry- Introducing the Non vegetarian flavors to the vegetarians

Cauliflower is my all time favorite vegetable. When ever I'm tired or not in a mood to cook, I'll put cauliflower in my refrigerator to work. It is because it cooks fast and tastes wonderful. I personally like cauliflower manchuria very much, since it is a deep fried food I prepare it occasionally. My hubby who is not a big fan of manchuria also began to like this recipe. Now coming to the cauliflower masala recipe, this is for those people who started practising vegetarianism and carve for non vegetarian flavors. It is a rich flavorful and spicy curry prepared almost in a similar way you prepare chicken curry in Indian style.

Cauliflower separated to medium size florets-2cups
Green peas-1/4cup
Grind 1tbsp of dry roasted Corianded seeds+ 1/2tbsp of cumin seeds dry roasted + 2 tbsp of dry coconut dry roasted+ 2pods of Garlic
Garam Masla-1/4tbsp
Ginger garlic paste-1 and 1/2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Red chili powder-1tbsp …

Featured on

Kirstein of featured me in one of her 100recipe Marathon. In this regard she tried one of the recipe in my blog "Healthy Phyllo rolls Recipe" I Thank her for trying and reviewing it. I am glad that she liked it.

These real comments and real reviews are the one we bloggers crave for. I really appreciate the idea of Kristein to take 100 recipes from different blogs and reviewing  them and I wish her all the best.

Yours, DD

Natu kodi koora-Chicken curry in Village style

My grand mother used to prepare this curry specially for my dad. Natu kodi means " Village Chicken" in English. Compared to the broiler this chicken has the unique and strong flavor. When you make this curry smell of it will reach all the houses at your street. She used to prepare this curry in mud pots and they are known as "Matti Kundalu" in our regional language Telugu. The curry cooked in these pots makes this curry even more flavorful. This curry is specially prepared in the villages for "Sankrathi". Sankrathi is the Harvest festival celebrated in some parts of India. During this festival, women in the house will make a very colorful rangoli in front of their house, men will fly kites and in villages "Kodi pandam" means "Chicken Fights" and "Edla Pandalu" means " Bullock Races". And lots and lots of food varities.

Though I cannot find the Natu Kodi here, I made the curry in the…

Sweet Potato curry Puffs

Sweet potatoes are the excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. These sweet potatoes come in several different varieties viz yellow, Orange & purple etc., Orange sweet potato is some times called as Yam in North America. While browsing in the Internet I found out that it serves as a great food for the type-2 diabetes patients. It will induce the production of insulin to certain extent. Apart from this it contains fiber which is a major health beneficiary.

In India sweet potatoes are had during the long fasting hours for instant energy. In villages I remember my grand mother used to grill them on a direct flame, and later serve by removing the skin and seasoned with salt. These are cooked in many different varieties all over the world. I am presenting you the little Indianised version of a puff pastry.

Sweet potato-1big
Onion finely chopped-1cup
Green chili finely chopped-1/2tbsp
Curry leafs-finely chopped-10 leaves
Salt to taste

Surprise Curry- Ripe Mango Curry

Please do not make faces after reading the title!!! What you are reading is exactly the one that I made. You have to believe me this is the real wonderful curry that I never know before, and I regret for not knowing it before. Once you taste this curry, you are not going to leave it. You will make it again and again. :):):):)All curries are tested on my hubby & myself and they are presented to you all through this blog. They are 100% safe :):):):). now jokes apart and here is the recipe.

Ripe mango or partially ripe mango-1
Onion-chopped 1 cup divided
Grated coconut-1/4cup
Fenu greek seeds-1/4tbsp
Cumin seeds-1 tbsp divided
green chili-1
red chili-1
salt to taste
Garlic-1 pod
For tempering:
2tbsp of oil
mustard seeds-1/4tbsp
cumin seeds-1/4tbsp
red chili 2
curry leaves few

Peal and deseed mango. Cut into pieces and add 1cup of water and cook for about 10min under medium to high flame by adding 1/4tbsp of salt. Mean while dry roast the cumin and fe…

Mysore bonda-- instant version

OMG!! Was it really me who made this wonderful bonda. I was just browsing through the Internet for some special kind of instant and filling recipes,this time deep fry food are an excuse since we did not have any deep fried food from few weeks. I never thought making of Mysore bonda was this much easier, until I find this recipe. Here is the wonderful recipe of instant Mysore bonda.

Makes 20 Mysore bonda
Maida/all purpose flour- 2 cups
Rice flour 1/2 cup
Green chili Finley chopped-1/2 tbsp
Finely chopped ginger 1/4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Baking soda 1/2 tbsp
Butter milk for mixing
Freshly grated coconut 1 tbsp optional
Oil for deep fry

Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a large bowl except butter milk. When all are throughly combined, then add butter milk and mix well. The consistency of the batter should be little thick. Heat oil in a pan. Take small bowl full of water, dip your hand into water every time you take a dough in to your hand. This way your dough w…

Bread pakoda chat

Bread is obviously every ones favorite base for making many different kind of recipes. Bread pakoda is a very crunchy appetizer, you can add more magic to this recipe by adding little freshly made salad to this and enjoy your evenings with a cup of tea.

Bread- 2slices
besin/ gram flour-3tbsp
oil for deep fry
Ajwain-pinch of seeds
Salt to taste
red chili powder to taste

For salad
Onion finely chopped-4tbsp
finely chopped coriander/cilantro leaves-1tbsp
lemon juice-1tbsp
salt to taste
chat masala-pinch
pepper/red chilli powder-pinch

Take the besin flour in a bowl and add ajwain, salt and red chili powder and mix with water. The consistency should be very little thick. Now take the bread slices and cut them diagonally, forming 2 triangles from each slice and dip the slice in the batter and deep fry them under medium flame in oil. Take them out when both sides are golden brown.

 Now mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Take 1tbsp of this salad/chat and garnish on …

Soya chunks Vegetable Biryani

Soya chunks works wonderful when you like to have something different kind of vegetable biryani. Just throw in few cooked soya chunks in the curry you make for vegetable biryani and there you go!!! yummy biryani is ready, which is healthy too!!!

Soya chunks cooked in 1/2tbsp of salt-1 cup
Vegetables of your choice-3cups
I used 10 beans chopped, 1 small potato chopped, 1 big carrot chopped
Green peas-1/4cup, Cauliflower-1/2cup, capsicum chopped-1/4cup
Onion-1/2cup chopped
Tomato-1cup chopped
Butter-1tbsp(Please do not skip this, this butter gives a special flavor to this recipe)
Salt to taste
Cinnamon stick-1 inch
Bay leaf-2
Pudina/mint fresh leaves-20 springs
Cilantro 10 springs chopped
Garam masala-1/4tbsp(Mild spicy)
Coriander powder-1tbsp
Cumin powder-1/2tbsp
Green chili-3
Basmathi Rice-3cups(1cup=200ml)
Cumin seeds/Black Cumin-1/2tbsp
Turmeric-1/8th tbsp
Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp

Wash and soak basmati rice …

Stuffed bread fritter (stuffed Bread pakoda)

Bread is the best base to try any kind of recipe with it! I already made bread omlet, sandwich and bread curry. Now it is time to make a crispy and yummy snack with it, this is fabulous appetizer for kids. We loved it, hope you love it too!!!

Bread(any preferably sandwich bread)-2
Potato 1 big grated
Carrots 1 big grated
Cabbage 1/2 cup finely chopped
Onion 1 big finely chopped
Salt to taste
Green chili 2 finely chipped
oil for deep fry
If you like to make little spicy add ajinamoto or chat masala

Add thrice volume of water to potato, cabbage and carrot grated mixture. Boil it and strain it. If possible add this mixture to the kitchen towel and wait till all the water is drained out. Later add green chili and salt. Mix well. Then take a small lemon size mixture in your hand and roll it like a ball. Put this mixture at the center of bread( make sure you remove the brown edges) along the length wise then roll it cut it to the center and fry it till it turns golden br…