Couldn't find followers Gadget in my blog

Frndz i'm unable to find Followers List in my blog.....
Let me know if u have the same problem.....


  1. happen to me b4!!!Wait for couple of days it's change automatically :)

  2. oh!!!i'm really worried about this......
    ThnX for posting prabhamani... :)

  3. i think..its not visible in all blogs..followers
    ,recent post,recent comments all are missing...really me too worried wats goin to happen :( ok will wait...

  4. yea it happened to me last month ... i posted a query in the blogger help forum.... this seems like a usual pblm here .those ppl will look into it and make changes took 2 to 3 weeks for me to get back my list..

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. oh my god!!!!!!!
    its annoying will it take 2-3weeks....
    that's too long no chitra....
    nothng to do nw...jus we will wait nd watch sangee.....
    thnX for ur comments

  7. it happened to me also...are you using Mac? but dont worry when i restart the system problem cleared automatically...

  8. @ammu thnq very much it wrked out.....success!!!

  9. It happens some time... Just give it a while and they will appear out of nowhere :) h


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