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Party Potluck Recipes

Last week we had a small potluck party. I was very excited, like everyone does to impress them. The time was short and I did a lot of browsing to search for any Indian potluck recipe. But, I could not find many and the one that I found were taking pretty long time to cook. So, I stopped browsing and looked around my kitchen to find what all I have. If you are preparing for a potluck you have to make in a large portions (of course, our potluck gathering was very small, but what if  it was bigger?) just look around your kitchen and find the one that is in larger quantity and you many not use it again (Such  as instant cake flour), and try to prepare from that. If you are a person like me who prefer to make desserts only on special occasions then I bet you should have lots and lots of instant mixes like gulab jamun and cake mix in your store room.  Just move their butts out and start making them. 

Now here are the tips that you can make the simple food look delicious. Always, garnish food with colorful decorations. These decorations make food even more appitizing. If you are going to bake the food, always prepare them before the party day, refrigerate them and try to bake them before the party begins. If you were to take them to different place then, bake on the day before you leave.

Here are the recipes that you can prepare for the potluck or Big party.

Western Recipes:


Burger Patti

Mushroom Cheese Pizza

Shell curry puffs

Vegetable Hakka Noodles in Indian style

Banana chocolate chip Rasin Muffins

Spinach Cheese Pin wheels

Chocolate chip Cup cakes

Phyllo rolls recipe

Indian/Desi Recipes for Potluck or Party:


Moong Dal Halwa

Spring rolls with semiya

Soya chunks Vegetable Biryani

Naan Pizza

Mushroom Samosa

Sweet potato Puffs

Masala Vada

Double ka meeta

Fruit salad

Easy Spanish Rice Recipe
Panner- Potato Tot's

Alu Bonda / Potato Bajji: Indian potato balls

Yummy puff pastry pin wheels

Non-Vegetarian Party or potluck Recipes

Chicken 65

Chili chicken

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Pakodi

Tandoori chicken

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

Apart from this you can arrange some fresh vegetables along with variety of dips available in the market.


  1. I haven't utilize potluck in my kitchen. I am learning various appitizing foods and experimenting various combination as Best Indian Recipes and homemade recipes for special occasions.


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