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French style beans stir fry with sesame seeds

This is the best filling, comforting and quick recipe you can make, just have these french beans handy all the time.

French style cut beans-2cups
chopped onion-1/2cup
Sesame seeds (nuvvulu )-2tbsp
mustard seeds (aavalu) -1/2tbsp
cumin seeds (Jeelakara) -1/2tbsp
salt to taste
pepper powder/red chili powder-1/2tbsp (or to taste)


Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard and cumin seeds and allow them to splutter, later add onions and saute till they are transparent. Add ginger garlic paste, sesame seeds and turmeric and saute for a minute under medium flame. Add french style beans, mix well and close the pan with lid. Cook under medium flame for 10min and keep stirring in between. Now remove the lid, add salt and red chili power and saute it in open pan until the beans are done. The yummy fry is ready, serve it hot with steamed rice or chapati. 

Vegetable pot pie

These days I have been running crazy with my school work and I never had a chance to open my blog. I am very happy that I finally sat down to write a post. Todays recipe is a vegetable pot pie, I made this for my family friends. They always shower me with a ton of compliments, I love to cook for them and spend time with them. This pot pie is really easy to make and tastes wonderful, you can use your choice of vegetables.

Potatoes chopped to fine wedges- 1cup
Carrots 1cup chopped
Corn 1/4cup
Green peas 1/4cup
Campbells cream of mushroom- 1can
onion finely chopped-1/2cup
Green beans- finely chopped-1/4cup
Salt to taste
Black pepper-1/2 tbsp.
Pillsbury pot pie crust-1 (Available near the dairy and cheese section at Kroger)


Heat 1tbsp of butter in a pot and add onions and when they are half cooked add all the vegetables and mix well. Cook them under medium heat for 15min, make sure you keep an eye on them
as they burn quickly. When the vegetables are done …

Salad with simple dressing

Before sharing the recipe with you, I have a small story to share. Few years back, that was my first visit to a restaurant in USA with my hubby, it was a Mexican restaurant. We were very formally greeted and seated as we entered the restaurant by a nice lady and menu cards were handed. I being new to the Mexican food, asked my hubby to suggest any vegetarian dish that I could enjoy. There were only few options in the menu which include salad, some cheese burritos and vegetable fajita. So he ordered salad for appetizers and soon it arrived on to the table. I never had lettuce or any raw food before in India. The only thing that came on to my mind was a GOAT! yup, because my brother used to say that I eat leafy vegetables like a goat, but I never agreed because I used to say that goats eat raw leaf not me, but now what am I doing! I was glad that my brother was not around. I soon laughed out loud looking at a salad and my hubby had a question mark on his face about why am I laughing an…

Chocolate dipped strawberry-Romantic treats

If you wanna create romantic atmosphere inside your home when you are alone with your hubby then these are the perfect treats to enjoy. I made them for my hubby's birthday and he loved them. In fact you can even make the environment more romantic by putting on some dim lights or by lighting up some scented candles.  These treats are simple to make and delicious in taste, I made them before but they didn't come out very well as my choice of chocolate knocked it down. I would recommend you to use Hershey's dark/milk chocolate. These treats can also be made a day before the party and can be served as an appetizer, kids will love them and this is also one of the best method to make kids eat fruit.

Chocolate- 50gm
( or any hard chocolate that is still sold at room temperature)
Fresh strawberries- 10 large
Tooth picks-10
Water as needed
White chocolate or cake icing-2tbsp
Thermocol or foam sheet

To melt chocolate:
We use double boiling methods to melt our …

Pasta in fresh home made celery and tomato sauce with a twist

When I was a kid my mother used to make pasta in Indian style, and I used to love it a lot. When my lunch box was pasta I used to have all my friends gathered around me like a flies to dig in. I can still remember my friend swathi who used to visit my home just to taste my mothers pasta. I never knew how the pasta is made and processed. With my little research I found the following facts: Most of the pastas that are available in market are made of enriched all purpose flour (Maida) or durum flour which are considered as a white poison apart from sugar and salt. White flour has had all the good substances (bran and germ) removed during processing.  It's bleached, with a bleaching agent similar to Clorox( disinfectant) . Has added coal-tar-derived (carcinogenic- Cancer causing agent) vitamins but is sold as &q…

Cauliflower 65- Easy and simple

Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp
Red chili powder to taste (or 1tbsp)
Salt to taste (or 1tbsp)
Coriander powder-1tbsp
Corn flour -4tbsp
All purpose flour (Maida)-3tbsp
Black pepper powder-1/4tbsp
paprika -1/2tbsp (for color)


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with water and the batter should be of a bajji batter consistency the pour this mixture on to the washed and dried cauliflower. Deep fry them in oil in batches and take them out when they turn golden brown. If you want your dish to be crispy you will have to fry then again under medium high flame for 20sec and remove them. You can also fry some curry leaves and garnish on top while serving them.

Masala Vegetable Lunch box Sandwich- A review on Hudson canola oil

Needless to say about my hubby he is becoming a kiddo day by day. Lunch bag comes home so empty when I pack sandwich and noodles, unlike rice which comes back home not empty. I was worried about his unhealthy appetite, because I used to make sandwich entirely with a potato. I told the same thing to my mother and she tried her best to fix this issue by sending this recipe of a healthy sandwich. She experimented with different vegetables and finally came up with this recipe, we loved it. She used Hudson Canola oil to make this sandwich and she said they tasted better when made with this oil. They fell in love with this oil as soon as they started using it and now they use this oil to make curries and roti's. Everything is great about this product except the price, I felt that it was little over priced otherwise it is perfect for every family.

Ingredients Bread slices-4 Canola oil-4tbsp
For filling Cabbage thinly sliced-1cup Carrot finely shredded- 1/4cup Canola oil-2tbsp Potato fin…

Quiona- oats multigrain no fermentation dosa

Did you ever try Quiona? If you haven't tried it or tasted it, you are missing one of the most wonderful super food that you will love. Quiona is rich in protein (1 cup yields 6g of protein), fiber, minerals and iron. It is a wonderful food for pregnant women and it can be used in replacement with rice in our regular diet.

 Coming to the calories, how many calories do you consume each day? Do you count them to keep an eye? I do. Yes, Mam/Sir I count my calorie intake and I am cautious about it, not because I feel I am fat or not because I am thin. I only do this because I am under high risk of getting diabetics as my parents are diagnosed with diabetics in their late 30's.  I feel eating healthy and staying fit does not only improve your physical appearance but also polishes your self confidence. Now coming to the recipe....

Chana dal (Sanaga pappu)-1/4 cup
Urad dal(minapa pappu)-1 cup
Salt to taste
oil as required

Soak Quiona, chana…

Home made Paneer

You can make excellent paneer at home without being overboard. It is very simple you could make it while preparing the dinner just make sure you keep an eye on the boiling milk. I made it for the third time now using the same process and it was soft and tender every time. If you have any milk that is nearing expiry date this is the best way to use it.

Ingredients Makes 250grms of Paneer  Milk- 1/2 gallon ( 2.4 liters) (I used half and half milk) Lemon juice-5tbsp Cheese cloth or any fresh cloth to filter

Method Boil milk in a thick bottom pan (I used pressure cooker without lid). Simmer when it starts to boil and add 2tbsp of lemon juice and keep stirring, you should see the solid fat that is getting separated from the liquid. After two minutes keep adding the lemon juice little by little until you see pale yellow liquid with floating white  fat and do not forget to keep stirring while adding the lemon juice. You can also add white Vinegar or apple cider vinegar instead of lem…

Easy Sambar Recipe For Idli

I never used to like idli when I was a kid, but now I love it. It is very interesting to see and compare myself when I was a kid and what I am now, I feel it's a huge transformation. I never used to like upma, idli, tindora (Dondakaya), semolina, okra (bendakaya), etc., but now I love them I was wondering how my mother used to bare me and cook a different recipe specially for me when ever she made the above mentioned varieties. Hats off to my mom for her patience. My dad used to take me to the vegetable market every time and I used to choose the vegetables of my choice and would leave the remaining to my fathers wish. I love being father's daughter, and I am still my dad's daughter. Happy Father's day DAD, I love you and miss you so much!

Now coming to the recipe, it is very simple yet delicious and it is worth giving a try. 
Ingredients Toor dal (Kandi pappu)-1cup water-1.5cup Bottle guard or Sorakaya medium size pieces-1 cup (optional) Onion big slices-1/2 cup green…

Sabudana (Sago/Tapioca) Vada

This is one of the delicacies of Indian food which makes you loose control on your apatite. This was the first time I made this delicious savory, my hubby was very pleased and had them all without leaving a single bite for me, all I had was the one for the taste test. Sago is a carbohydrate and it has very little vitamins, proteins and minerals. I especially do not recommend to have sago deep fried very often because it looses most of its scarcely present vitamins when deep fried and we get nothing but the carbohydrates when we have it, but you know some times I feel it's okay to enjoy these toothsome delicacies putting aside the calorie count. 

Time 30min
Makes-10 vada
Serving size 5 no.'s
Sago/Sabudana- 1/2 cup after soaking (Soak 4 tbsp full of sabudana in a 250 ml water over night)
Potato pealed and grated- 1 large
green chili- finely chopped- 1/4tbsp
onion finely chopped-1/4cup
Curry leaf- finely chopped- 4 leaves
salt to taste
Rice or corn flour-2tbsp for binding
Oil for…

Mango Fried Rice (Mamidikaya pulihora)

Mango fried rice also known as mamidikaya pulihora in our regional language. After a very long time I was able to bag some raw mangoes form the Indian store. I am glad that I found them, because I was craving for this rice since last month. I didn't even remember when was the last the time I had it. Mango pulihora is easy to prepare and delicious in taste.
Serves: 2; Total time: 30min Ingredients Mango medium size- 2 Cooked rice- 3 cups
Green chili- 5 in number
salt to taste
Chana dal (Senaga pappu)-1tbsp
Urad dal (Minapa pappu)-1tbsp
Cumin seed- 1/2tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1/2tbsp
oil- 2tbsp
Cashew nuts-few (Optional)
curry leaves (optional)
Turmeric- pinch

Cut mango and grind it to a coarse paste along with little salt and green chili. Heat oil in a pan and add Chana dal and urad dal and fry till they turn light brown. Now add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and wait till they splatter and add green chili, red chili, cashew nuts and curry leaves (optional). When the green chili i…

Kakarakaya (Bitter gourd/Karela) cooked in Buttermilk -My Mother's Recipe

Surprisingly bitter gourd used to be one of my favorite vegetable when I was a kid, while most of my friends hated it. I know the reason behind it and it's all because of the magic in my mothers cooking. Today is mother's day and I choose to make this curry because it is one of my mother's favorite and also her signature dish. So, here I am with the wonderful recipe...

Ingredients (Serves 2)
Karela/Kakarikaya.Bitter gourd- 2 sliced as shown in figure
Onions- Chopped long and thin-1 large cup
Butter milk (Majjiga) -1.5 cup
Sesame seed powdered-1/2tbsp (Nuvvula podi)
Red chili powder-1/2tbsp
salt to taste
Curry leaf-2 leaves
tamarind pulp-1/2tbsp
mustard seeds-1/2tbsp
cumin seeds-1/2tbsp

Heat pan under medium flame and add oil, when the oil is hot add mustard seeds followed by cumin seeds. When they splatter, add onion and bitter guard at a time and mix well. Close the pan with lid and keep stirring in between until they are semi-cooked. The…

Ravali's easy and tasty party bites

Last weekend we went to our friends place, and we had lot of fun with games, movies and food. My friends are brilliant cook's and they inspire me to cook and try different recipes. Sooner they came to know that I am visiting their place, they started to plan the menu. I was so surprised by their wonderful recipes in such a short time. One of my friends Veda made a Panner tikka masla, which is the best paneer curry I tasted so far and my another friend Ravali made this instant wonderful evening snack. I will be posting the recipe for paneer tikka masala soon, until then you enjoy this delightful snack.
It is very easy to prepare and yet delicious in taste. We enjoyed it and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Salty biscuits-10
Sour cream-10tbsp
Tomato-chop finely by removing the core-4tbsp
Onion finely chopped and soaked in water for 10 min-2tbsp
Coriander/cilantro- washed and finely chopped-1/4tbsp
Chat masala-pinch or to taste (optional)

 Other optional ingredients and su…

Easy Spanish Rice Recipe

Spanish rice or Mexican rice what ever you call it is one of my favorite food from Mexican cuisine. First time when I had it I thought it was more near to tomato bath in Indian style but there was some twist that is making it unique in taste, then I found out that the only difference between regular tomato bath in Indian style and mexican rice was just the medium in which the rice is cooked. To make Mexican rice they use Vegetable/Chicken broth but in our tomato bath we just use water. Also, they use different kind of vegetables such as celery etc., while cooking.

Rice-3 cups
Broth 5 Cups
Tomato Puree-2Cups
Herbs of your choice (I used thyme)
Celery- finely chopped-1 stalk
Salt to taste
green peas-1/4cup

Wash and soak the rice in water for 30 min. Later remove water and add vegetable broth, salt to taste (Note: If you are using the broth from market, then please be cautious while adding salt as the broth already contain some salt in it). Mix well and …

Winner announcement for the Bloggoversary giveaway 2013

Hello friends here is the winner for my Bloggoversary giveaway!!!!

And the winner is............. Nitu Bala   from Nitu's Kitchen !!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
Please send me your address by email and I will send you the Rs. 200/- Flipkart gift card!!!

Making of Simple Vegetable hakka noodles and our debate about BPA

Yesterday our home turned into a assembly house, because me and my hubby were debating about plastic use in our home. Would you like to know how we started the discussion, which ended as a debate? Here is the story....
My husband's lunch box is made of plastic and recently I learned a lot about the BPA (Bisphenol A), a chemical compound found in plastic ware that is known to cause different types of cancer. So, I replaced his plastic box with a pirex glass box, and now he keeps complaining that box is too heavy. My point is to serve the healthy and safe food to the extent I could and his point is that if the plastic is not safe to use then why they are selling in the market? I was not surprised by his question, because I know this would be the question that everyone will ask if you talk about BPA. Very lately the effect of this compound on the health came into light, and some countries like Canada banned the use of the plastic that contain BPA. Now, America bans baby bottles with…

Panner- Potato Tot's

Paneer is the magic ingredient which does not have any special taste on itself, but when prepared in combination with any vegetable it is a king in the recipe. For example, palak paneer the entire recipe is rich in palak but still it is worthless without the chunks of paneer. This is one of those wonderful recipe that I tried when my taste buds kept telling me try something different. Potato is also one of the magical ingredient especially for snacking, I tried every recipe with potato (Aloo, Alugadda) potato omlette, potato paniyarum,  bhajji's, bonda's, cutlet, samosa, pin wheels and curry puff's. Potato and paneer (Indian Cheese), are the best combination I tasted so far. Here is the wonderful recipe, I bet you will love it!

Ingredients: Makes 10 tot's and takes 30 min to cook. For making tot's Potato boiled and mashed-2 large Paneer- 100 grams Crumbled with hand oil- enough for deep fry Green chili coarsely ground-1/2tbsp salt to taste cumin seeds-1/4tsp Fresh … ---A simple recipe to save money- Bloggoversary giveaway, ₹200 gift card to flipkart.

Today I am posting an interesting recipe to save some money. First thing everyone looks before buying any product is discount, yup! if you see me in any grocery store you would find me with a small bag filled with coupons. I love to save money, and always think twice before spending money on something, because I know the value of money. Here in USA coupon system is very popular, if you try to search some coupons online you can find tons of coupons to many popular stores all across USA. I was wondering why this system is not implemented in India, and to my wonder few days back I came across this site and I was so excited to see so many wonderful coupons and shared this with my family in India about this. My brother already used the Dominos coupon and told me it's working. So, I thought about sharing about this wonderful website with you all. 

Here are the few interesting coupons I found
Ebay Coupons
Now-a-days eBay is becoming very popular in India. It may be because …

350th post celebrating with Palak Paneer easy recipe

This is my 350th post, is there any better food in the world that makes me happy and brings me to a  celebration mood other than Palak Paneer? the answer is no. Palak paneer or saag paneer is a very comforting food that everyone loves it. I always prepare this curry by pureeing the boiled spinach, but this time I made it in a qucik, easy and nutritious way. So, this is my yummy 350th post with easy, quick and healthy recipe of paneer saag (Palak/Spinach).

Ingredinets: Spinach-washed and chopped fine-3cups Tomato puree-1/2cup Green chili-1 Onion-finely chopped-1/2cup oil-1tbsp cumin seeds-1/2tbsp mustard seeds-1/2tbsp Red chili-1 Cumin powder-1tbsp coriander powder-1tbsp garam masala-1/4tbsp (to taste) Red chili powder-1/2tbsp (to taste) Turmeric-pinch salt to taste Panner-100grms- chopped to large cubes
Method Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and allow them to splatter. Later add green chili, onion and cook them till they turn golden brown. Now add turmeric, garli…

100% Vegetarian Custard Pie

Custard means a dessert made with milk, sugar and eggs. For the people who does not like having eggs, this recipe serves as a best alternative to make a custard pie without using any eggs. Few days back I had few of my best buddies visiting my house after a long time, one of them was a vegan and I tried my best to prepare the food devoid of dairy and non-veg and that is the reason why I made this vegetarian custard pie.

Speaking about veganism brought me to an interesting topic, here in USA my world is very small I can barely count the people on my fingers whom I can call as my friends. In this small world, I observed that many of them are converting to a vegan diet and it is very interesting to know the reason behind their conversion.They all watched either "Forks over Kinfe" or "Veducated" movie on a Netflix. I was pretty amazed to see that a movie could impact someone so much that they prepared to leave their most favorite non-veg food and practice veganism. I …

Valentines day special Shrimp 65

Guy's you might wonder why am I posting my Valentines day recipe now, although it's been a while and we all even forgot how we celebrated it! I know, but I have an answer and the answer is that I have already started my research now and I am working in two fields one is Thesis and the other is a special topic that I am interested in. I was always fascinated by cancer research this is what I wanted to do my entire life. I was looking for an opportunity and you know what it knocked my door, but in a wrong time because I already stared my thesis on the other topic. And I also do not want to loose this opportunity so, I accepted it. Now my days including weekends are loaded with work. I love it, I love to be busy always but I love only when the experiment works, and last weak our experiment flopped!! :( I cross my fingers and hope that it works this time!

Now coming to the recipe and todays recipe is "Shrimp-65", sounds great isn't it!
My hubby is a big fan of chick…

Lauren's Valentines day Icing for Cup Cakes

Lauren is one of my wonderful friends. She is very charming, cute and a typical American girl. I can chat with her the whole day, time just flies away when I am with her. She made some delicious cup cakes for her boyfriend on Valentines day and also shared some with all our friends. Here is the recipe for icing that I took from her. I am sorry the cupcakes are so delicious that I even forgot to take a snap. But next time we will ask Lauren to make some more and make sure to snap them!

Icing for 12 cup cakes:
4 cups confectioner's sugar
1/2 cup unsalted butter (softened)
1/2 cup Crisco
2-3 tablespoons milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

In a bowl mix Crisco, salt, vanilla and 2 cups of sugar. Add milk and remaining sugar alternately; mix until smooth and creamy. Add more sugar or milk if needed for good spreading consistency.
I hope you like this wonderful recipe for icing. 

Guest Post by Ms. Kendra Thornton:Asian Almond Chicken Salad: Take Home the Taste of Honolulu

Time for a guest post, few days back I received an email from Ms. Kendra Thornton saying that she wanted to write a guest post on my blog. I didn't know who she was before but after a little research I found out a lot of interesting things about her. I feel very honored to share this article of her on my blog.  Here, about Ms. Kendra - in her own words:

"My name is Kendra and I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old!

My passion for travel is only eclipsed by my passion for my three beautiful children. I’ve been lucky to combine the two, and am often featured as an expert in family, luxury and adventure travel for FOX News, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CW networks. Personally, I've been to 28 countries on 6 continents, and have been quoted in the news about seasonal travel trends and destinations all over the United States. Now stepping out of the corporate spotlight to take on my role of being the number one mom and w…

Potato Burger Patti- Aloo tikki Patti

Healthy food is what everyone is in search of these days, many people think that they cannot prepare food for themselves because of lack of time or they are unaware of easy recipes or last but not the least they are lazy. So, many of them who are working rush for the fast food centers and load their stomach with lots of calories, I do not say that loading the body with the calories is bad but, I say that whenever you eat stay cautious about what you are eating and what it does to you. If , you could give a little time you can make these wonderful patties at home in no time and refrigerate them and use daily. I do not say that they are very healthy but I can definitely say that they are much healthier than the one you buy in the market and also when you make yourself you know what is there in the food that you eat and what it does to you.

Oats-Pesarattu (Oats- Moong dal Dosa)

This morning I realized that I soaked only a little moong dal (Pesara pappu /Green gram) yesterday night. It didn't make enough batter for making dosa for two. I thought I might do upma on a side. But I am out of upma ravva too! the next alternative was to add rice flour, but excess addition of rice flour makes dosa's firm and very crispy, and they do not taste great! so my next alternative was to grind some quick oats and add that powder to the batter. This worked really well, I just loved it!!! from now I know what I should do, if I do not have enough batter to prepare pesarattu. 

Palak Soya Nuggets Curry (Healthy curry)

Did you ever try making palak and soya chunks in palak-panner style? or wondering how it tastes, then here is the simple recipe. I was craving for palak panner curry today, but I am on a diet so I cannot have panner. When I thought of healthy replacement for panner, the only thing that came into my mind was soya chuks. I tried it and it was wonderful, I couldn't say that it compensated my thrust for panner, but it has got its own taste. Spongy soya chuncks when cooked in spinach curry has got it's own unique flavor that makes you mesmerize.  I tried, tasted and tested on me and my hubby, we loved it I hope you like it too!

Spinach chopped-4cups
soya chunks dry-1cup
onion chopped-1 cup
oil 3 tbsp
tamarind-1/2 lemon size
cumin seeds-1 tbsp
Mustard seeds (aavalu)-1tbsp
Red chili-1
Red chili powder-1/2tbsp or to taste
salt to taste
cumin powder-1/2tbsp
coriander powder-1/2tbsp
garam masala-1/4tbsp

Wash and cook soya nuggets/chunks in a water till they are sof…

Mysore Rasam and Making of Rasam Powder at home

Mysore rasam is one of the exotic South Indian recipes that has a blissful zest and makes us very tempting to have it all time. This is winter time come let us enjoy this wonderful rasam with a hot steamed rice. For me rasam is the only blissful thing that could make me very appetizing to have rice during the winter time, otherwise I not a big fan of rice. For the first time I made this Mysore rasam powder on my own, I just can't resist my self from having this relish dish. It is really easy to make this rasam powder at home, I regret myself for not trying this before, always I used to make rasam with the store bought powder. Believe me it is more aromatic than store bought powder and you can taste the fresh taste of all spices on your first try.

Tindora Chutney/ Dondakaya chutney

Tindora is most popular Indian vegetable, positively and negatively. Yes, some people like my dad love it a lot and people like me hate it a lot. This chutney makes the Tindora haters to love it and Tindora lovers will love it more.