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Sweet Paratha with toor dal (Kandi pappu Bobbattu)

For this ugadi I made puran poli and bobattu with toor dal (Click here for Moong dal Version). I already shared Puran poli/Pappu purnam recipe(CLick here for recipe) with you, and now it is time to share Bobattu recipe. My mother used to prepare this for sure on every ugadi, making these kind of traditional recipes and having them will not only make us to follow our traditions, they will also evoke the beautiful memories bound with them. I would like to give the same tradition and culture to kids that my mother gave me (When I have kids though ).

For inner stuff (Purnam):
Jaggery (grated)/ Sugar -1 Cup
Toor dal (kandi pappu) / chana dal cooked -1 cup
Elachi (Cardamom) powder (Tip: grind by adding 2 spoons of sugar) -1/4 tea spoon.

For Chapati :
Maida - 1 cup
Rice flour -2 tea spoons
Sujii/ bombay ravva/ Upma ravva - 1 table spoon
water- 1 cup
salt - to taste
Plastic cover (Zip lock bag/ Aluminium foil)--->surface to roll the dough.
Soak toor dal for abo…

My favorite Vegetable Salad

People I'm on diet, why becoz I am planning to visit India soon. So, if you are planning to visit Indian is there any rule that you should diet (You say). Yup, I used to weigh 110 pounds when I was in India, here I put on 10 pounds so I am in a process to loose some weight and get the lost haute look. Now I am concentrating more on 30min exercises and diet. Every day 15min I'll do cycling and lift 8 pounds weights 20 times in 3 sets. That's it I'm done. I just planned this because it suites my body style. Coming to the diet I am planning to eat salads and roti every day. I'm gonna do this for 30days. So friends wish me all the best and lets see if I loose any weight.

Lettuce- chopped and washed-4cups
Corn(I used frozen)-1cup (Boiled with little salt)
Broccoli-1 cup(Boiled with little salt)
Cranberry raisins or any raisins-2tbsp
walnuts finely chopped-1/4cup (you can use any nuts)
Fennel seeds/ sonf- 1/2tbsp

Friends visiting India, very excited!! need your suggestions

Hello my dear fellow bloggers,

I'm going to visit India soon. If you have any suggestions and any check list with you, kindly share it with me. I want to make sure that I take every thing with me because you know we do not visit often. I also want to know if there is any new appliance, like idli maker or something came up new in India, that I can bring while coming to USA. I appreciate your help.

Thank you!

Indian Food Clalorie Information

Know your claorie Intake

Standard Measures. 1 Cup200 ml. 1 Bowl150 ml. 1 Glass250 ml. 1 Table Spoon15g. 1 Tea spoon5g. . MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS. Food StuffAmountCalories. Cow's Milk1 cup135. Soya Milk1 cup85. Toned Milk1 cup90. Double Toned Milk1 cup70. Skimmed Milk1 cup60. Cottage Cheese. Cow's Milk100g265. Buffalo Milk100g292. Yoghurt (Cow's Milk)1 Bowl100. Yoghurt (Toned Milk)1 Bowl70. Youghurt. (double toned Milk)1 Bowl50. Butter Milk1 cup30. Cream light1 1/2 tbsp45. Khoya100g421. Processed cheese1 Cube (25g)80. Condensed Milk1/2 Cup228. Powdered Milk1 tbsp70. Fruits. FruitsApple1 Medium (100g)

Methi Tomato Rice

Greens are always my favorite in my diet, even my hubby love to have geens every day. My mother used to make mixed geen leaf curry (Kalakura) form spinach(Palakura), sukka kura, methi(menthem kura), bacchal kura and tota kura. I love this curry, it tastes wonderful and good for health, we can rarelay find such type of combos that are made tasty and healthy! Oops I think I deviated from the topic,. So, today I made this wonderful methi rice, I never know that methi rice tastes this good, because I always thought methi is sour in taste so the rice also will taste the same, but to my wonder the rice was that awesome that I and my hubby finsihed it in no time. Try it you will make it again and again like me!!!
 Want to know about calories in Indian food CLICK HERE TO VIEW CALORIE CHART

Ingredients: Cooked rice-4 cups(Measured with 160ml cup) Tomato puree- 1 cup(160ml) Onions finely chopped-1/2cup Cumin seeds-1/2tbsp Methi/fenu greek leaves-2cups Ginger- finely grated-1/2tbsp Garlic- finely grate…