Crispy lemon onion filled Pepper fritters/ bajji/Mirchi/ Chili fritters

For Batter: Makes 8 Fritters
Gram flour/ Senaga Pindi/ Chana Dal powder--------1cup( 160ml)
Rice Flour/ Corn Flour-----------------1/2 Cup
Salt---------------------------------to taste
Chili powder/ Pepper powder-----1/4 ts
Cumin Seeds/ Jeera--------------1/4 ts
Baking Soda---------------1/4ts
Oil for Deep fry
For Filling:
Tamarind Pulp (tamiarind soaked in water for 10min)----1 lemon size.
Cumin powder---------1/4ts
Ajwain/ voma powder----1/4ts
salt ---------------very little
Sesame/ till/ nuvvulu powder----1/2ts
Peppers de-seeded by Cutting one side along the length
( Warning- Do not prepare with jalapinos use those with less capsin(hot))
I used serrano peppers
Onions(thinly chopped)-----1/2cup
Lemon Juice--------------2ts
salt----------------------very little

  1. Mix Batter by adding gram flour+rice flour+salt+chili powder+cumin seeds+Baking Soda and mix them with water. The consistency of the batter should be medium thin.
  2. Prepare chutney by grinding Tamarind pup+cumin powder+ajwain powder+salt+sesame powder with little tamarind soaked water.
  3. Now, fill all the de-seeded peppers with already prepared tamarind chutney.
  4. Heat oil for deep fry in a pan.
  5. Dip the pepper by holding its upper stem in the batter and dip it in oil, fry under medium flame until they turn golden brown.
  6. Prepare Onion filling by mixing Onions+lemon juice+salt
  7. After the Fritters are ready split them with knife along the side where you have filled the chutney and fill them with onion mixture.
  8. Now the Crispy fritters are ready to love them a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!....It is a famous rainy day snack item of INDIA.
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