Indian Popular Food Items

Achar/ Pacchadi: Any kind of pickle
Appadam: Indian wafer
Baghara: Spicy rice with vegetables.
Biryani: A spicy rice containing meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables
Chapati/Roti (Indian Bread): Thin bread cooked on the griddle
Chutney: Any grinded Vegetable along with some spices.
Dal/ Pappu: Any kind of legume--beans, peas, or lentils
Dosa/ Dosai: Crispy, crepe-like southern Indian specialty filled with potato curry or onions
Ghee: Clarified butter
 Braised meats in a thick, mild creamy sauce
Kulcha: Tender, pita-like bread cooked in the tandoor
Lassi: A refreshing, creamy yogurt drink that can be sweet or salty
Masala: Spice blend
Naan: Flat, oval bread cooked in the tandoor
Pakora: Fritter dipped in a spicy chickpea batter; can be made with vegetables, cheese, chicken or seafood
Paneer: Cheese
Pappadum: Spicy lentil wafers
Paratha: Flaky bread fried on the griddle
Poori: Airy, deep-fried bread
Pulao: Basmati rice cooked with vegetables
Raita: A yogurt-based condiment usually containing vegetables
Rasam: A thin, spicy broth
Saag: Spinach, but can also refer to other greens
Sambar: An extremely spicy broth popular in southern India
Samosa: Flaky, pyramid-shaped pastry stuffed with potatoes(generally) or meat/ onions
 Tandoor is a deep clay dish. Any thing cooked in it is termed as tandoori. Ex. Tandoori chicken.
Vada: Indian Donut
Vindaloo: An extremely spicy curry dish that's a regional specialty of Goa