Shrimp fry Indian style

Shrimp (Frozen/ fresh)------25-30 in num.
vegetable oil----------------3ts
cumin seeds----------------few
ginger-garlic paste-----------1ts
onions chopped-------------2cups
coconut powder------------2ts
chilly powder----------------1/2ts
salt-------------------------to taste
cumin powder--------------1/2ts
coriander powder----------1/2ts
garam masala---------------1/4ts(if u wish to be spicy)
cilantro chopped--------------------2ts


  1. Shrimp/ Prawns are cooked in the similar way there is no much difference in both of them. you can follow the same procedure for prawns. 
  2. I used the cocktail large frozen shrimps. First thaw the shrimp in the cool running water for about 10min.
  3. Remove the tails and wash the shrimps and keep it aside.
  4. Take a thick bottom non stick pan heat it add 3ts of vegetable oil preferably olive oil tastes better.
  5. when the oil is hot add cumin seeds and allow it to splutter, add onions to this.
  6. when the onions are 1/4th cooked add shrimps and cook it. 
  7. Shrimps will get cooked very soon, they should be cooked under medium flame in a closed pan.
  8. shrimp will leave water out and shrink to the half of its original size. Continue cooking until the water in completely evaporates out and curry becomes dry.
  9. Now add chili powder, ginger garlic paste,cumin powder, coconut powder, coriander powder turmeric, salt (very little as shrimp already contains salt). cook it for 3-4min.
  10. Now add garam masala if you want your dish to be spicy.
  11. Finally garnish it with cilantro and your dish is ready to serve.

The reason for not adding turmeric and gingergarlic paste while cooking onions is for saving color of turmeric and taste of ginger and garlic. Generally many prefer adding them at that point, however I want to save the taste of ginger-garlic in my dish.
Tastes delicious when served with roti/chapati and goes well with rice. If you like my dish plz rate it and follow my blog.thnq


  1. This is a recipe I will try for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shrimp is one of my favorites..I cannot wait to try this recipe!

    Thank you so much for visiting am happily a new follower of Good Food Recipes :)


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