Naan Pizza easy instant snack

This is the first time I made this wonderful Pizza. It is very easy, and believe me no one is going to identify the difference between orginal Pizza crust and Naan. The preparation is very simple and you can prepare with in 15min. This is a easy instant snack and kids love it!!!

Naan 1
Enchilada sauce/any tomato sauce-3tbsp
Spring onions chopped 2 tbsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese shredded- 1/4cup
Capsicum(Red, orange, yellow)- chopped-1/4cup
Onion sliced-1/4cup
Pizza seasoning/oregano-1/4tbsp
salt to taste
pepper powder-1/4tbsp

Heat pan and add 1tbsp of olive oil or any oil. Toss in all the vegges and saute for 5min under medium flame. Add pepper, salt to taste. Pre heat the oven to 350F. Now take the naan and sprinkle very little water on top and Bake in the oven  for 5min, remove naan flip it(so that the uncooked side is at the bottom) and spread tomato sauce and cooked vegges and cheese. Bake in oven for 10min. Broil it for 30sec. Serve hot!!!

we liked it a lot and just enjoyed the every bite of it!!! wish you love it too!!!!

@your service always,


  1. Super tempting pizza,makes me hungry.

  2. Delicious and colorful looking Naan Pizza. Very inviting preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Nice idea and looks so gud sure all will love this

  4. Easy making superb pizza.

  5. Ver healhy,colourful and delicious pizza..great clicks

  6. Thats a perfect fusion food. Yum!

  7. naan pizza sounds like such a cute idea... gonna try this :)


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