Few days back I came across this website, here you can prepare the list of your favorite  restaurant/hotel or any hangout in your town/any place you have been for food. You will never forget your favorite place once you add it to your list. You can prepare a list of your favorite things including maps, reviews etc., This website is really user friendly.

I was really waiting for this kind of site, where I can store the entire list of my favorite hangouts and my hubby's favorite hangouts. Today I just created mine. I love the way the website is maintained, it is really neat and an additional feature map gave it a spark.

Smorgie helps you remember places to eat and keep them in useful lists. Like good venues for a girls night out, places to impress a client, and local eats you found on your travels.
Now you can make and share your own lists of yummy. Smorgie helps you:
  • Save places you love to eat
  • Remember places you want to try
  • Put them in lists for easy reference
  • Share them with friends
  • Remembering restaurants you want to try
  • Sending recommendations to friends
  • Keeping lists of places for different occasions.
The rest of the time, you can always find your lists and places at

Not sure where to start? How about:
Start your own list - something like 'places I want to try' or 'places I want to go back to.'
See if your friends are using
You can even share your favorite place with facebook/twitter/email a friend. You can invite friends to join in your list on, friends I bet you'll love it too!!!!

I thank foodieblogroll and for provinding me this opportunity!!!


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