My favorite Vegetable Salad

People I'm on diet, why becoz I am planning to visit India soon. So, if you are planning to visit Indian is there any rule that you should diet (You say). Yup, I used to weigh 110 pounds when I was in India, here I put on 10 pounds so I am in a process to loose some weight and get the lost haute look. Now I am concentrating more on 30min exercises and diet. Every day 15min I'll do cycling and lift 8 pounds weights 20 times in 3 sets. That's it I'm done. I just planned this because it suites my body style. Coming to the diet I am planning to eat salads and roti every day. I'm gonna do this for 30days. So friends wish me all the best and lets see if I loose any weight.

Lettuce- chopped and washed-4cups
Corn(I used frozen)-1cup (Boiled with little salt)
Broccoli-1 cup(Boiled with little salt)
Cranberry raisins or any raisins-2tbsp
walnuts finely chopped-1/4cup (you can use any nuts)
Fennel seeds/ sonf- 1/2tbsp
pepper powder-1/2tbsp
celery salt/regular salt-1/2tbsp
olive oil-2tbsp

In a small bowl take olive oil, oregano, pepper powder, salt , fennel seeds and mix well. In a large mixing bowl add the remaining ingredients and mix slowly. Add the olive oil mixture (dressing) to the vegetables and mix well. Here is your wonderful salad ready to serve. You  can serve this chilled, it makes the salad more wonderful. You can serve with croutons. But do not skip walnut, it gives a crunchy and wonderful flavor to this salad.
Hope you like my recipe. Please leave your valuable comments.


  1. yummy and lovely ...

  2. all the best to you dear and have a wonderful trip :)

  3. Salad looks wonderful, best of luck for losing weight..

  4. Healthy food n nice pictures.

  5. All the best.. i am sure you will lose weight minting this lifestyle..have a good trip & share ur weight loss success story soon..salad looks great :)

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  6. Thank you friends for ur wishes!!! hope i loose weight in a healthy way!!!!

  7. @sensible vegetarian, wait for my recipe!!!!!

  8. Salad looks good. All the best.

  9. That is such a delicious salad. I am not really a salad person but something as good as this ..i would surely make!


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