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Guest Article by Leroy Templeton-Eat Healthy & fight Cancer

Dear readers,
I got a surprising mail few days back from Leory Templeton. The reason for her mail was to educate people with the good eating habits in order to fight against cancer. She wanted to do this through this guest article in my blog. I felt very happy and welcomed her to my space and now here is the wonderful article written by her regarding eat healthy and fight cancer.

Eat Healthy & fight Cancer

By: Leroy Templeton

“You are what you eat”

It’s a well known saying, but it may ring truer than most realize. Though it does not get as much press as others, diet is one of the leading causes of cancer development. An estimated 30% of cancer cases list dietary choices among the causes of the diagnosis. This is especially and important factor because it can play either a helpful or a harmful role. While poor dietary choices can lead to cancer, the right choices not only don’t promote cancer, but they actually work to prevent it!

Clearly, you do not want to eat foods that cause cancer. In order to do that, you should know which ones to stay away from. The most basic barometer for whether something is good or not for fighting cancer is how natural it is. The more natural and organic the better. Many foods that have unnatural preservatives and additives also contain cancer causing carcinogens. These chemically enhanced foods may have improved taste and they may last longer before expiring, but they can do serious damage to your body. You should always try to eat as natural as possible.

You will also want to steer clear of red meat. Many developments in research have shown us the dangers inherent in red meat, especially in its connection with colon cancer. As red meats can be difficult to digest, the amount of time it sits in the body allows for certain cells to be exposed to bacteria for an extended time. Also, as animal fat is high in cancer causing carcinogens and since red meat contains a lot of animal fat, you should avoid it doubly.

The foods that help fight cancer are known to be those with high amounts of flavonoids and antioxidants. Flavonoids keep plants alive. They are often found in bitter foods such as coffee and dark chocolate. Flavonoids improve cell division and cell function. As cancer is often developed through irregularities in this process, the help offered by flavonoids is very important. Antioxidants limit many cancers including gastric cancer and pleural mesothelioma. By eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you should be able to utilize the power of these vitamins and natural chemicals.

Healthy eating is essential to having a cancer-free diet. Always try to eat natural, limit harmful red meat and increase the intake of essential vitamins. Follow the aforementioned plan and your diet will start to work for you, so much so that it may even save your life.


  1. Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great blog , very informative post.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. first time in your space...this is definitely one informative post...i too hav a space on diff fish visit sometimes...glad to follow u here :-)


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