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Panner- Potato Tot's

Paneer is the magic ingredient which does not have any special taste on itself, but when prepared in combination with any vegetable it is a king in the recipe. For example, palak paneer the entire recipe is rich in palak but still it is worthless without the chunks of paneer. This is one of those wonderful recipe that I tried when my taste buds kept telling me try something different. Potato is also one of the magical ingredient especially for snacking, I tried every recipe with potato (Aloo, Alugadda) potato omlette, potato paniyarum,  bhajji's, bonda's, cutlet, samosa, pin wheels and curry puff's. Potato and paneer (Indian Cheese), are the best combination I tasted so far. Here is the wonderful recipe, I bet you will love it!

Ingredients: Makes 10 tot's and takes 30 min to cook. For making tot's Potato boiled and mashed-2 large Paneer- 100 grams Crumbled with hand oil- enough for deep fry Green chili coarsely ground-1/2tbsp salt to taste cumin seeds-1/4tsp Fresh … ---A simple recipe to save money- Bloggoversary giveaway, ₹200 gift card to flipkart.

Today I am posting an interesting recipe to save some money. First thing everyone looks before buying any product is discount, yup! if you see me in any grocery store you would find me with a small bag filled with coupons. I love to save money, and always think twice before spending money on something, because I know the value of money. Here in USA coupon system is very popular, if you try to search some coupons online you can find tons of coupons to many popular stores all across USA. I was wondering why this system is not implemented in India, and to my wonder few days back I came across this site and I was so excited to see so many wonderful coupons and shared this with my family in India about this. My brother already used the Dominos coupon and told me it's working. So, I thought about sharing about this wonderful website with you all. 

Here are the few interesting coupons I found
Ebay Coupons
Now-a-days eBay is becoming very popular in India. It may be because …

350th post celebrating with Palak Paneer easy recipe

This is my 350th post, is there any better food in the world that makes me happy and brings me to a  celebration mood other than Palak Paneer? the answer is no. Palak paneer or saag paneer is a very comforting food that everyone loves it. I always prepare this curry by pureeing the boiled spinach, but this time I made it in a qucik, easy and nutritious way. So, this is my yummy 350th post with easy, quick and healthy recipe of paneer saag (Palak/Spinach).

Ingredinets: Spinach-washed and chopped fine-3cups Tomato puree-1/2cup Green chili-1 Onion-finely chopped-1/2cup oil-1tbsp cumin seeds-1/2tbsp mustard seeds-1/2tbsp Red chili-1 Cumin powder-1tbsp coriander powder-1tbsp garam masala-1/4tbsp (to taste) Red chili powder-1/2tbsp (to taste) Turmeric-pinch salt to taste Panner-100grms- chopped to large cubes
Method Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and allow them to splatter. Later add green chili, onion and cook them till they turn golden brown. Now add turmeric, garli…

100% Vegetarian Custard Pie

Custard means a dessert made with milk, sugar and eggs. For the people who does not like having eggs, this recipe serves as a best alternative to make a custard pie without using any eggs. Few days back I had few of my best buddies visiting my house after a long time, one of them was a vegan and I tried my best to prepare the food devoid of dairy and non-veg and that is the reason why I made this vegetarian custard pie.

Speaking about veganism brought me to an interesting topic, here in USA my world is very small I can barely count the people on my fingers whom I can call as my friends. In this small world, I observed that many of them are converting to a vegan diet and it is very interesting to know the reason behind their conversion.They all watched either "Forks over Kinfe" or "Veducated" movie on a Netflix. I was pretty amazed to see that a movie could impact someone so much that they prepared to leave their most favorite non-veg food and practice veganism. I …