Moong Dal Halwa

Halwa is everyones favorite. Making of halwa is very simple process, these preprations make in almost all house holds during festivals in India. If you have a sudden guest in your home, this is the perfect dessert you can make in minutes and serve hot. I love all kinds of halwa, but gajar/carrot halwa is always my favorite. Moong dal halwa tastes wonderful, you can't have just one spoon. I made this yesterday and you all know that my hubby does not have sweet tooth, but he finished the entire bowl that I served in no time. He just liked it soo much. I love watching him, enjoying my recipes :D.

Moong dal/Pesara Pappu -2cups
Jaggery grated-1 and 1/2 cups, if using sugar-2 can also add brown sugar if you like
cardamom powder-1/2tbsp
Nuts and dry fruits as per your taste (For garnishing)

Dry roast Moong dal and grind it in to a coarse powder when it is chill. In a deep, thick bottom non-stick pan boil milk, when the milk came to boil add moong dal powder and mix well. When the moong dal absorbs all milk and starts becoming thick add sugar/jaggery (Bellam)/ brown sugar and mix well. Also add ghee, cook under medium flame and keep stirring the mixture. Now when the ghee starts leaving the halwa from the sides of the pan, add cardamom powder and mix well. Take the mixture in to the serving bowl and garnish with nuts and dry fruits. You can serve it hot or cold.  Kids love chilled halwa. You can also make burfis out of this halwa, by pouring the halwa on a ghee greased plate and allow it to chill in a fridge, cut it in to bars  and serve. Hope you like my recipe. I just enjoyed it!!!!

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  1. If this is made well it is delicious otherwise it can be quite ordinary. The picture is that of a well-made halwa.

  2. Halwa looks so delicious and yummy

  3. sounds really yummy.i luv sweets n halwas...nice presentation.

  4. Delicious halwa, we call it Ashoka, I know it's a funny name for a halwa..

  5. Dear foodies thank you for the lovely commets!!!

  6. very nice recipe. I will try this soon.

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  7. A very easy recipe to make lajawab moong dal halwa. i tried out it's to yummy, please try it too.

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