Masala Chicken Drumsticks curry-Indian Style

Chicken legs/ drum sticks are favorite food of my hubby, I used to make tandoori every time but yesterday I felt I should try something new. I just called my mom and asked the recipe for chicken drumsticks/legs, she told me this wonderful recipe. I gave a try & it came out really perfect, my hubby enjoyed a lot and told me, that he would be happy to have it every day!!!!! OMG I never expected my first attempt would be that great. Now, enough of the story let's have a look at the recipe.

For marination:
Chicken legs---7
Tandoori barbecue/barbeque masala----1ts
salt to taste
chili powder---1ts
coriander powder--1ts
Lemon juice---4ts
paprika/red color--pinch(optional)
onions, cilantro and lemon for garnishing
Ginger garlic paste-2ts

Salt to taste
For Curry:
Onions chopped half cup
Chopped Ginger and garlic-1ts each
tomatos chopped-1cup
Masala preparation:
Roast Whole garam masala (Cloves 4 + Cinnamon stick 1big + cardamom 3) in a fry pan
Take This roasted garam masala in a grinder jar along with 2ts of coriander powder +3ts of til/sesame/nuvvulu + Coconut powder 1ts and grind the mixture to a fine powder.
Cilantro for garnishing

  • clean and wash the chicken drumsticks and make  3-4 deep cuts on each side of the drumstick so that they get perfectly marinated.
  • Now prepare the marination mixture with the above stated ingredients and  drop the chicken pieces in the marination and allow them to marinate for 2-3hrs in a refrigerator.
  • Remove them from the refrigerator, and let them come down to room temperature.
  • Now take a skillet and heat 3-4 ts of butter/ ghee/ olive oil/ vegetable oil and add the marinated chicken pieces to the oil and cook them by closing the lid.
  • Cook by turning the pieces like this for about 15-20 min, until the chicken is half cooked.
  • Now add onions and cook them until they turn transparent, after the onions are done add tomatos and cook until they become mushy.
  • Add the above mentioned curry masala + ginger & garlic and also remaining marinated gravy and mix well, add water if required check for the taste add chili powder and salt if required.
  • Cook for few more minutes under simmer by closing the lid.
  • Now finally garnish with cilantro and the curry is ready to serve.
  • Enjoy this with Bagara/ white rice. 


  1. Dear DD
    When I was busy reading this awesome recipe, your comment came in at my latest post on Udad dal. :-)
    Thank you!
    I like this recipe, and I note, you haven't used any cumin.. What Tanduri masala brand have you used? Anyway , I shall use your recipe and method without the tanduri masla to start with and will use next time.
    Have a nice day

  2. Looks so inviting.. I believe you would be very happy on getting it right the first time..
    Event: Healing Foods - Banana

  3. Slurp,fingerlicking masala chicken drumsticks, soooo tempting..

  4. tempting and mouthwatering curry..

  5. hello i have tried some of your dishes they are so tasty

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!!!!

  7. Wow! It looks like a delicious dish! A must try for me.


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