Ravali's easy and tasty party bites

Last weekend we went to our friends place, and we had lot of fun with games, movies and food. My friends are brilliant cook's and they inspire me to cook and try different recipes. Sooner they came to know that I am visiting their place, they started to plan the menu. I was so surprised by their wonderful recipes in such a short time. One of my friends Veda made a Panner tikka masla, which is the best paneer curry I tasted so far and my another friend Ravali made this instant wonderful evening snack. I will be posting the recipe for paneer tikka masala soon, until then you enjoy this delightful snack.
It is very easy to prepare and yet delicious in taste. We enjoyed it and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Salty biscuits-10
Sour cream-10tbsp
Tomato-chop finely by removing the core-4tbsp
Onion finely chopped and soaked in water for 10 min-2tbsp
Coriander/cilantro- washed and finely chopped-1/4tbsp
Chat masala-pinch or to taste (optional)

 Other optional ingredients and substitutes:
Instead of sour cream you can use cheese or mayo or vegetable dip
You can also use 1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and mix all vegetables instead of chat masala.
You can also sprinkle some aloo bhujia on top for color.

Mix all the vegetables in a bowl and add chat masala. Arrange the biscuits in a tray and spread sour cream on top of it, carefully arrange the mixed vegetables on top of the sour cream layer and serve instantly.

Note: Make this preparation just before you serve because biscuits become soggy as time progresses. But you can prepare your vegetable mixture and store in a refrigerator a day before the party.

I hope you like this recipe, please leave your comments!


  1. Wow! Awesome and delicious snack! Perfect for parties! Lovely clicks! :)

  2. wow...perfect snacker for parties too

  3. perfect quick snack for parties...

  4. It is ideal for breakfast. It is quick and delicious compare to other India Recipes and don't take much time to serve.


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