Oats-Pesarattu (Oats- Moong dal Dosa)

This morning I realized that I soaked only a little moong dal (Pesara pappu /Green gram) yesterday night. It didn't make enough batter for making dosa for two. I thought I might do upma on a side. But I am out of upma ravva too! the next alternative was to add rice flour, but excess addition of rice flour makes dosa's firm and very crispy, and they do not taste great! so my next alternative was to grind some quick oats and add that powder to the batter. This worked really well, I just loved it!!! from now I know what I should do, if I do not have enough batter to prepare pesarattu. 

Recipe for two
Moong dal/ pesara pappu/split green gram-1cup
Quick oats powdered coarsely-1/2cup
Green chili-2
Ginger 1 inch
Salt to taste
Onions chopped

oil- as required

wash and soak split green gram overnight or for 6 hours at least. Next day remove excess water and add this soaked dal to a grinder jar and also add green chili, salt, ginger and grind it to a coarse paste. Take this batter into a bowel and add oates powder, add some water and mix well. The consistency of a batter should be neither thick nor very thin, it should be somewhat like a idli batter. 

Heat pan and add 1/2tbsp of oil and spread all over. Take a laddle full of dough and put this entire batter at the center of the pan and spread into a thin sheet like dosa. add 1/2 tbsp of oil with a spoon around the sides of the dosa, add some chopped onions at the center of the dosa. Cook till it turns golden brown and flip it to cook on the other side, for 30seconds.  Transfer it to a serving plate and serve with a tomato chutney. I hope you like this healthy version of pesarattu!!!!


  1. nice dosa. i too prepare it the same way. i have posted it too

  2. Unique item..never heard

  3. I love addition of oats in anything.....healthy....

  4. healthy dosa.. perfect with tomato chutney..

  5. healthy dosa.. I do this way too

  6. Wat a nutritious and healthy food.

  7. thanx for ur comments!!! :)

  8. Nutritious n delicious dosa!!!

  9. Healthy and delicious dosa..

  10. so new to me.and looks healthy and delicious

  11. Healthy and delicious dosa.

    today's recipe:


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