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Climate is changing, it may be good news for the drug makers, but it’s bad news for us. I see lots of people suffering from allergies, cold, flu etc., more now a days. The climate change, rise of levels of pollen in air makes us hard to survive on out doors.

Symptoms include nasal congestion, cough, itching, sneezing or associated sinus infections, bronchitis or poorly controlled asthma. Some of the home remedies that I know and want to share with you all are saline nasal irrigations, rinse your hair before going to bed, using dust mite-proof encasings, change air filters regularly, maintain a moderate level of humidity indoors, keep your pets out of your bedroom and possibly investing in an air purifier. Roll up car windows and always keep air-conditioning if you have outdoor allergies. Special window screens are available now that have been shown to effectively reduce entry of grass or weed pollen into the house.

Every family has that at least one home remedy in their family lore. It can be as simple as a way to stop bad breath, relieve the symptoms of sunburn or even a cold/flu. Any recipe or any tip is welcome share here.
Only Vegetarian and eggless recipes from your family tree are accepted.

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