Yogurt and Heavy cream Rice (Daddojanam/curd rice)

What is more interesting in food than Daddojanam(Curd Rice). It is a simple yet delicious comforting food orginated in Southern parts of India. It is also served as a prasadam after offering to God in many Hindu temples. People like me will stand in queue of prasadam again and again for getting this delicious prasadam. I wonder how this prasad made in temples tastes wonderful. I will make this rice very often at my home for myself, my hubby do not like the smell of yogurt/curd and he developed a dislike for it from childhood. That is the reason why I prepare this rice for myself.
Addition of cream to this rice gives more lovely flavor and yummy taste.

Heavy cream(Non-fat)-1/2cup
Cooked rice-2cups(cook rice by adding 1 and 1/2 cup of water for 1cup of rice)
Green chili-2 finely chopped
onion finely chopped-1/4cup
Salt to taste
mustard seeds-1/2tbsp
cumin seeds-1/2tbsp
curry leaf-1 rid(optional)
red chili-1

Mix yogurt, cream, rice, onion, salt and green chili in a medium size bowl. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds when they splatter add curry leaf and red chili. Add this tempering to curd rice and mix well. Now the yummy Daddojanam is ready to serve. Hope you like my recipe.


  1. I like the addition of onions to this, extra crunch rt..

  2. Wow..looks creamy!!Loved it :)

  3. Awesome…

  4. Such a delicious and creamy rice.

  5. Very nice . Made it the other day without the cream. And added a few sliced grapes and some soaked raisins.

  6. Awesome rice....luvd the addition of heavy cream....


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