Ugadi Special Pappu Purnam/Puran poli with toor dal/ kandi pappu

ఉగాది అంటే తెలుగు నూతన సంవత్షరం!!!!! మీకు అందరికి నందన నామ సంవత్శర ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు!!!!!!  In sanskrit Yuga means era, Adi means beginning.Ugadi is one of the biggest festival of Telugites, it is also celebrated in Karnataka, Maharastra and Kashmir. We telugites during this festival, clean our homes, wrap ourselfs in traditional clothes and cook a special food and offer god, do prayer and listen to Panchanga sharavanam, means horoscope for the coming year! The special food made for this festival is Puran poli/Pappu purnam, baksha/roti stuffed with lentil halwa, Ugadi pacchadi, pesarappu payasam and mamidikaya pulihora (mango Rice). I cannot wait to nibble puran poli, some time I can even grab half a dozen of them and gobble up. Ugadi pacchadi is the special soup which is made out of shadruchulu ( 6 tastes). I'll post teh recipe of Ugadi pacchadi soon!!! now we will see the puran poli/pappu purnam preparation, with kandi pappu/Toor dal. Genarally it is prepared with sanaga pappu/ chana dal, but I ran out of chana dal.

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CLICK HERE for recipe of chana dal puran poli (Low Calorie).
low calorie puran poli

For stuffing
Atleast 6hrs soaked kandi pappu/Toor dal -1cup
Bellam/jaggery or sugar-1 and 1/2 cup grated
(You can use sugar insted of jaggery 1/2cup)
Cardamom seeds-3pods- make a powder
ghee(Clarified butter)-2tbsp

For batter
Soak 1cup of urad dal/minapa pappu and 2 cups of rice for 6hrs or more and grind it in to a fine paste and let it to ferment overnight.
Oil for deep fry.

Cook chana dal in cooker/microwave with some water. The dal should look tender and easily breakable when you try to mash it with your hand. Mash it, if it is not mashed properly grind it. Now take a skillet and heat ghee and add this dal mixture to it and cook for 2minutes under medium flame.( Powder sugar if you are using it) Add jaggery and mix well. When all the jaggery is melted and mixed well turn off the stove and add cardamom powder and mix well. Keep this mixtuer aside and let it cool. Remember your mixture should not be soggy, It should look pat dry.

Heat oil for deep fry in a pan. Take very little amount of dal stuffing in your hand and make it in to a round shape. Repeat this kind of balls and keep aside. Dip the mixture in a over night fermented batter(You can add little salt to this batter if you wish) and fry them in oil till it is crisp and golden brown. Enjoy hot with ghee!!!!! hope you like it!!!!


  1. This looks like a really tasty treat! Looks scrumptious!!!

  2. They look so awesome, very tempting..

  3. I hv also posted d same...looks nice

  4. That puran poli seems just amazing Indian dish and it smells great taste. I am sure I can't make it but I eagerly wait for taste it.

  5. Awesome recipe dear...yummy

  6. New to me.. Sounds interesting..

  7. I love this and my neighbour gives me an ample supply on Ugadi!

  8. This sounds wonderful. It is a dish I haven't tasted and you have made me curious to try. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes.....I wish you the same!!!!

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes.....I wish you the same!!!!

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