Friends visiting India, very excited!! need your suggestions

Hello my dear fellow bloggers,

I'm going to visit India soon. If you have any suggestions and any check list with you, kindly share it with me. I want to make sure that I take every thing with me because you know we do not visit often. I also want to know if there is any new appliance, like idli maker or something came up new in India, that I can bring while coming to USA. I appreciate your help.

Thank you!


  1. U must be so happy right? My case is also the same. The thought of going to India makes me feel wow! Happy journey dear :)

  2. Enjoy your visit home

  3. Its nice to go home, but start preparing the list to buy from India. I try to buy masala powders from india. You can take microwave idli maker or non stick maker, idiyappam plate. gadgets for your pressure cooker.


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