Apple Rice Pudding/ Kheer

Red delicious apples are one of my favorite apples. Now let me tell you the story about the birth of this kheer. Once up on a time I cooked the plain rice(I mean yesterday ;)), but we could not have them all so some rice was left. The next day I thought to make pudding with soy milk and almond milk. When I opened the refrigerator for milk, I saw an apple lying lonely and staring at me. Then I took it into my hands and said don't worry I will use you too and combined with rice!!!!! and that is how the yummilicious kheer was made. Isn't it interesting!!!!(I know its kinda boring)
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Apple-1 large- grated with out pealing
Rice-1 cup(when measured with 200ml cup)
Almond milk-1/4cup(Optional, use regular/soy milk if you do not have it)
soy milk-1/4cup
Regular milk-1/2cup
Cardamom powder-1/4tbsp
Nuts and raisins of your taste (I added finely chopped dates, cashew nuts, badam, walnut and yellow raisins)

Combine all milk and boil it till it reduces half, add rice to this milk and let it cook until it becomes mushy. You can use your spoon to mash rice, if your rice is taking too long to become mushy. In another non stick/thick bottom pan add grated apple and keep sauteing under medium flame till it turns light brown. When the apple is done add sugar and mix well. Cook till all the moisture evaporates. Now combine rice mixture to the apple mixture and mix well. Check for the taste add sugar if you need more. Cook this mixture in the medium heat by mixing it continuously till all the liquid in the mixture evaporates.

In the next step you can do the either way form these two methods
Method 1:
High calorie but delicious:
Heat 2tbsp of ghee(Clarified butter)/butter in a pan and add the nuts such as walnuts, cashew nuts, raisins, dates and saute till they are golden brown and add to the pudding and mix well. serve chill or hot it depends on how you like.

Method 2:
Add all your raisins and nuts directly to the pudding and mix well. This is also delicious but if you want to taste the traditional Indian flavor prefer method 1.(it is OK once in a while to have high calorie food!!!)

Oops I forgot to mention when you finish your dish turnoff the stove and add cardamom powder and mix well. (I bet your house will be filled with wonderful aroma and every one will start craving until you serve!!! I really enjoyed this recipe, hope you will love it too! please leave your valuable comment before leaving :))
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  1. it really sounds delicious....

  2. NICE RECIPE. I like your new blog header.

  3. Thanq faseela and aarthi for stopping by and leaving nice words!!!

    ThanQ Uma for noticing my new header and liking it!!!

  4. This sounds so great! Rice pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods.

  5. Rice kheer with apples, delicious..

  6. What a lovely color!! Looks soo inviting!

  7. I thought of doing something like this with an apple that was lying in my fridge too, but I was not too sure if it would be appreciated! Besides I was lazy. Nice pictures.

  8. visitng your blog after a long time...ur new template is nice...nice and innovative recipe. Inviting you to join my FRUIT FIESTA event with this recipe

  9. Thank you ramaya for stopping by and inviting to your event, i'll try to send it soon!!!

  10. Thank you ramaya for stopping by and inviting to your event, i'll try to send it soon!!!

  11. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!!!!

  12. Nice twist to the traditional rice kheer :-)


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