Double ka meeta- Special Hyderabadi Dessert

Double ka meeta is one of the famous Hyderabadi dessert that makes you irresistible to eat. It tastes like soft gulab jamun's with lots of nuts. The bread when caramelised with milk and sugar syrup acquires an amazing taste and the dry nuts fried in ghee gives a crunchy effect.This dessert is named so because in Hyderabad bread is called as "double roti" , meeta means "Sweet" and hence the name. This sweet is served as a main dessert in many of Hyderabadi marriages and other celebrations. No Hyderabadi function is complete with out double ka meeta. I was having a packet full of bread and the expiry date was just today, so I used the entire packet to prepare this recipe(Kind of Saving!!!!hahaha :)).

Serves 2
Ghee(Clarified Butter)-enough for deep fry of bread
Large Bread slices-6 (I used oat meal bread, it is optional you can use any bread you have)
Milk-30ml(I used almond milk, you can use any milk)
For syrup:
5tbsp of milk and 10tbsp of water boiled for 5min on high flame.

If you are calorie conscious and you do not want to fry your bread in large amount of ghee, here is the great idea. Take your bread piece, spread the ghee(at room temperature) on to the bread, heat a pan and add 1tbsp of ghee and spread all over. Now place the bread that is spread with ghee and fry it on both sides till it is brown. Repeat the process for all bread pieces.

Boil milk. Now take the bread dip it in the sugar syrup on both sides and again dip in milk and place it in a serving bowl. Repeat the process for all bread slices and stack them on top of each other(like a stack of coins or pan cakes) by sprinkling nuts in between. After you are done with all slices, cut them in to 4 parts and serve them after chilling in refrigerator or serve as it is!!!

Hope you like my recipe!!!!!btw I made this recipe for my hubby on valentines day, you can also try this yummy recipe and surprise your loved ones!!!!! :)


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