Spinach cheese pin wheels with potato twist

Who will not drool on pinwheels!!!! especially spinach cheese pinwheels are every ones favorite. Imagine these pin wheels with a slight tangy and spicy potato twist, I know you will start drooling after reding this and start making them right away!! This recipe is very simple and tastes delicious. This is good if you have large number of guests arriving shortly at your home.

You can prepare these yummy puffs, the day before your guests arrive and refrigerate them. Next day you can bake them. This way you will find some time to chat with your buddies and mean while your snacks will be ready. When they start baking in a half way your home will be filled with the wonderful aroma and your guests will not wait to taste them. They look awesome and tastes wonderful!! your guests will not stop praising you!!

Ingredients (For making 8 pin wheels)
Serving size:2 or 3
Puff pastry Sheet-1
Tomato puree-1/2tbsp mixed with a pinch of Oregano(optional)
Boiled and mashed potato-1cup
Cheese(Cheddar 1/4cup & mozzarella 1/4cup)-1/2cup grated
Chat Masala/ Pudina Chutney Powder (available in Desi stores)-2ts
Pepper powder
Lemon juice
salt to taste
  • Take the puff pastry sheets (Available in Frozen Section in all Grocery stores) out of the box and let it come down to room temperature.

  • Add Pepper powder, very little salt and lemon juice to boiled potato and mash it. Keep it aside.
  • Now Unroll the Pastry sheet, and sprinkle Chat masala/ Pudina(mint) Chutney powder with little salt.
  •  smear tomato paste very lightly on the dough.
  • Sprinkle spinach all over, later sprinkle cheese on the top.

  • Add potato mixture and start rolling the dough from one end.
  • make equal space marks on the dough after rolling and cut accordingly.
  • Arrange in a tray as shown and at this point you can store this rolls in the refrigerator for 24hrs. by covering it with a plastic wrap.

  • When you are baking preheat the oven to 400F and bake them for 20-25min.

  • your yummy pinwheels are ready to serve.

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