Ravva dosa with carrot and onions

Ravva dosa is one of my hubby's favorite breakfast. For me it is favorite fir two reasons, first is it is an instant delicious breakfast and the other reason is that it is easy to prepare. If you are craving for dosa this is perfect for you. Kids will love it too!! Here is the recipe( you can make capsicum dosa in the similar way and you can find it's recipe right here)
Ravva( fine souji/ bombay ravva) 1 cup
Maida/ all purpose flour 1/4cup
Rice flour 1 cup
Cilantro/ coriander chopped 20 springs
Ginger grated 2 tbsp
Carrot finely grated 1/4 cup
Onions finely chopped 1 cup
Oil for roasting
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder 1/2 tbsp
Green chili finely grated 1/2 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients except onions with water. The consistency of the batter should be very thin just like buttermilk. Check taste for salt. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a flat pan. Sprinkle hand full of chopped onions on Pan. Now take hand full of batter in hand and sprinkle on a pan to make dosa. Add some oil on to the sides of the dosa and cook till it turns light brown. Flip it and cook other side till it is completely cooked by adding some oil from sides of the dosa. Take out from the pan and serve hot with tomato or palli chutney. Hope you like my recipe.
Tips: use thin spatula for flipping dosa. If you are trying for the first time do not worry practice. If your pan is sticky take and onion and cut it to half and rub it on the pan. This way onion juice creates a non sticky layer on the top of the pan. hope you find these tips useful.
Finally be prepared to clean your stove when you make this dosa...look at mine how awful it became :(


  1. Colourful and delicious dosa..

  2. Delicious and healthy dosa..yum

  3. yummy looking rosa looks wonderful

  4. Rava dosa looks to be simply yummy and fulfilling. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. one of my fav...
    looks crispy and delicious :)

  6. looks really crispy and delicious.

  7. My kind of dosas, looks fabulous.

  8. I love rava dosa's and this one is looking too good to pass!


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