Indian Spicy Chicken tomato curry

My hubby loves chicken however you cook. That's why I do not worry to make experiments with it. Lycopene in tomato is a good antioxidant. I love having tomatos rawin salads and I consider mixing them with other vegges while making curry.
Chicken(Breast/ thighs)-4 pieces
Chopped onions-----1/2cup
Tomato puree- 1 cup
chopped ciliantro---2t.s
Cumin seeds--------Few
Coriander seeds--1tbsp
Garlic cloves-3
Garam masala------1/4ts
Dry coconut powder--2ts
Salt-----------------To taste
Chilli powder------1/2t.s
1. Take chicken cut it into medium size cubes by removing extra fat and wash it.
2. take a pan heat it add oil.
3. add cumin seeds, after they splutter add onions and little bit of salt which aids to cook onions faster.
4. after the onions are half cooked add gingergarlic paste and turmeric and cook it until raw flavor of garlic goes away.
5. add chicken and cook it untill 80% done by stirring it in constant intervals.
6.Now take a mixe jar and add tomtoes chopped, coconut powder, roasted coriander seeds, roasted cumin seeds and garlic cloves and grind it in to a fine paste.
7. Add this paste, red chili powder, salt and garam masala powder to the chicken and mix well.
8. cook for 10 min in simmer by adding water if you want gravy.
9. After the curry is cooked garnish with ciliantro and serve it...goes well with bagara/ plain rice/chapati.

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  1. Beautiful........mouthwatering dish.

  2. Curry looks spicy and flavorful...perfect with chapathi...

  3. yum looks super delicious.

  4. Fingerlicking chicken curry,goes prefect with anything..

  5. The curry looks spicy and flavorful.

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  6. Spicy and delicious curry...


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