Small question friends- Did you switchover to new Dynamic interphase in blogger templates?

Hello friends,
Today i was just saw the new templates that are added to the blogger. I am talking about the dynamic views template that is added newly. Do you loose adsense and other settings if you switch over to that account? I lost all of them. I suggest to check before you apply it. I liked this template style. It is looking more professional. But i couldn't add my adsense account to it. Can you please help me adding adsense account to it? you can go check out my other site where i have changed the settings if you wish. click here "Coffe With me Deepthi"


  1. will check out n say u..
    at present, haven't tried this template..!
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Looked at it but too scared to move stuff with blogger incase it dissapears :( Probably move to Wordpress soon though,
    Take care..

  3. hi, i just looked at it, and iam not so sure about it coz, when i saw the preview my sidebar was empty...i was not able to see google follow and facebook like and most popular post....iam little apprehensive about trying it out


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