Mushroom Vegetable pasta Noodles

Drooling by listening to the name, am I right? My hubby is not a big fan of noodles or pasta unlike me. Yesterday he said he wont be coming to lunch at home, since he was having meeting followed by lunch at office. So I thought to try noodles for my lunch, but I wanna have pasta too!!!!!! so I just combined both and it turned great believe me. It is just simple, delicious and healthy. In my recipe I like to have more vegetables than noodles, so i took them more. If you do not like in this way, you can cut some amount of vegetables and cook in same way.

Makes for one single meal
Pasta-10 in number
Mushrooms-3 large washed and chopped
Carrot grated-1/4cup
Potato grated-1/4cup
Capsicum-thin and longitudinal slices-1/4cup
Cabbage sliced-1/4cup
green peas-few
cauliflower-5 small florets
broccoli- 3 large florets
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
Soy sauce-2tbsp
Chili garlic sauce/ tomato sauce-2tbsp

Boil pasta, noodles and broccoli. Keep them aside. Now take a skillet and heat 2tbsp of oil and add all vegetables and saute under medium flame till they are well cooked.

Now add salt, pepper powder, soy sauce, tomato sauce and mix well. Finally add broccoli, noodles and pasta. Mix well. Cook this mixture for another 2min under medium flame, squeeze some lemon juice and enjoy with tomato ketchup. I love to have sprite too  !!!!
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