Mamidikaya Pulihora/ Raw mango Fried Rice

This is the authentic rice recipe, during festival season in all homes in India. This is the favorite food of every one. The tangy and fresh mango flavor imparts to rice and it tastes heavenly. I really love raw mango recipes. We can make variety of recipes with it for example mango chutney, mango thokku, mango dal, mango juice etc., all are yummy and tangy.

Riced- cooked- 4cups
Raw mango- 1 cup
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds- 1/2ts
Mustard seeds
- 1/2ts
Pea nuts/ phalli/ground nuts-one fist full
Green chili/ pepper-5 or 6 depending on heat you want
red chili-1
cashew nuts- few(optional)
Curry leaf-3in number(optional)

Chana dal/sensga pappu-1/2tbsp
Urad dal/minapa pappu-1/2tbsp

Grind mango and green chili to fine paste. Heat oil in a pan under medium flame and add cumin seeds and mustard seeds, when they starts to splatter add ground nuts and saute them till they roast thoroughly. Now add urad dal+chana dal+ red chili + turmeric + curry leaf+cashew nuts. Saute and cook under medium flame, finally add salt and mix well. Now add mango paste+salt  and mix well. Cook under medium flame until raw flavor goes away. Now   add rice to it and mix well. check for salt, add if required. Keep stirring under medium flame for 2-3min. turn off the stove and serve hot.
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  1. Tongue tickling pulihora, makes me drool..Thanks for letting me know about the space on my today's post DD, thanks dear..

  2. mouthwatering pulihora...I'm hungry right now.
    Invitation for a Potluck

  3. mouthwatering delicious!

  4. Absolutely mouthwatering mango rice:-)


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