Chicken fry- Dry chicken curry Andhra pradesh Style

Andhra Pradesh is one of the state in south India, the hot issue in this region is fight for separate state "Telangana".  Considering fight of separate Telangana fight in AP, some readers have commented asking me to post on the name of Telangana Chicken Curry not Andhra. So, I have decided to neither post on Andhra/ Telangana I'll just post Andhra pradesh chicken fry. Few days back when I posted Chicken curry with coconut milk, Ramya requested me the recipe of Andhra chicken fry. Thank you Ramya for asking this delicious recipe. I'm a vegetarian but my hubby is big fan of chicken. Every time I'll make chicken curry for him, this time I remembered Ramya's request and made this delicious dry curry for him, he just enjoyed it. The sesame seeds add extra flavor to this dish. Coming to recipe.

Whole garam masala spices- clove2, cardamom-2, cinnamon stick-1 inch)
Garlic minced-2 cloves
Sesame seeds-1/2tbsp
2 large onions chopped
Coconut milk-2 tbsp

chopped cilantro (Coriander/ Kothimera)---1 small bunch(20 springs)- washed and chopped
Cumin seeds--------1tbspCumin powder------1tbsp
Coriander powder--1tbsp
Garam masala------1/4tbsp
Dry coconut powder--2tbsp
Salt-----------------To taste

1. Take chicken cut it into medium size cubes by removing extra fat and wash it.
2. Take a pan heat it add oil. Add whole garam masala spices and saute till they are done.
3. Add cumin seeds, after they splutter add onions and little bit of salt which aids to cook onions faster.
4. After the onions are half cooked add gingergarlic paste and turmeric and cook it until raw flavor of garlic            
5. Add chicken & garlic and cook it untill 80% done by stirring it in constant intervals. Do not cover with lid. Let the water that are naturally present in chicken evaporate.
6. Add sesame seeds (nuvvulu),red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder,Coconut milk, salt, dry coconut powder, curd and garam masala. Mix well and cook it under medium flame.

9. After the curry is cooked garnish with ciliantro and serve it...goes well with bagara/ plain rice/chapati.
Hope you like my recipe. Plz come back again:)


  1. It looks FANTASTIC!! I would love it with white steamed rice... yummy! Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  2. The recipe sounds delicious nad flavorful..looks absolutely yummy.

  3. looks so good...never added sesame seeds to chicken fry-tats andhra style ..will try it next time

  4. delicious looking chicken curry looks wonderful

  5. Yummy chicken ...

  6. am sure anyone in my family will lick that plate clean. superb recipe.

  7. Thanks for posting this recipe...Looks so yummy...
    How do I get my Pasta event on Food Blog News?

  8. Hi, DD. thank you for visiting my blog. I´ll follow you too.
    I´ll try to read your receipt, but i´m not sure if i could express what i whant because my english is not so good.
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  9. Looks so gud n temtping .....loved it

  10. It sounds delicious. simple and tasty


  11. I was just introduced to curry last winter but I enjoyed it, yours sounds wonderful!

  12. Yum! This sounds/looks fantastic...nice recipe.

  13. Very Flavorful dish DD..I love all the spices that you used!!!

  14. I'm slowly started eating chicken dishes..This looks great and make me want this..

  15. pic is making me drool....lovely dish

  16. Looks so delish and tempting. perfect side dish for pulavs..

  17. Hi thank u so much for visiting my blog and giving a lovely too have a nice blog and how do I follow u?
    indu srinivasan

  18. Spicy and delicious chicken curry.

  19. looks sooooo good...

  20. This will be a super hit if I cook for my family, amazing color and outcome.

  21. Thank you all!!! your comments are always my strength, this small token of appreciation is my pleasure!!!!!

  22. Chicken curry is one of my favorite chicken recipe and I love making it for dinner. Thanks for sharing another idea for me.

  23. I love Indian non veg recipes. Especially Andhra chicken fry curry recipe. This is best combination for Jonna rotte recipe i think so. Thanks for sharing. Best platform for learners who are trying to learn how to cook it.

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