Vegetable Noodles

Before going to the recipe, let us understand the difference between spaghetti and noodles( for the people who are new to western cuisine ).Spaghetti is one of the well-liked foods among Americans, although it has Italian origin. Some say that Spaghetti was originated in Chinese and traders may have brought in it to west. But Noodles were definitely originated in China.
Spaghetti is made of wheat flour and noodles can be made from variety of flours such as rice flour, corn starch etc.,The cooking style is also different for both of them.
Now let's see the Vegetable  Noodle recipe.

Noodles-150 grms (dry weight)
Vegetables (you can prefer any one that you like, here I list the one I took)
Green peas-1/4cup
Potato chopped-1/4 cup
Onion chopped-1/4 cup
Beans chopped-1/4 cup
Cabbage chopped-1/2cup
Capsicum chopped-1/2cup
Pepper powder-1/2ts
soy sauce-2ts
cilantro- chop nearly 10 springs
Salt to taste
Tomato-2 in number
Green chili/ peppers-1 large
vegetable oil-3ts
shredded cheese-1ts (optional) 

  • Take a pan and fill 1/2 a volume of it with water and bring them to boil, add little vegetable oil and very little salt and cook noodles.
  • Turn off the stove when the noodles are done cooking, and transfer the noodles to the bowl containing Cold water and keep them aside.
  • Now take a skillet and heat 2 ts of vegetable oil, add all vegetables except peppers and tomato at a time and close the lid.
  • Saute them in regular intervals under medium flame.
  • Mean while Prepare grind Tomato and Green chili.
  • when the vegetables are done cooking add tomato + chili paste, salt , pepper powder and cook until raw flavor of tomato goes away.
  • Add soy sauce and mix well.
  • Now add boiled noodles and toss the noodles, so that all the curry distributes evenly on noodles.
  • Finally add cilantro and turn off the stove,  sprinkle some cheese on top and serve hot with tomato sauce/ lemon juice.

Hope you like my recipe.Please leave your valuable comments after you try.


  1. Totally love it dear ~ can have it every single day without complaining :)
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