Murukulu/janthikalu/chakralu- crispy Indian snacks

Murukulu-The common Crispy Snack of India, are my favorite for all seasons. Kids love to have them. No one can eat just one, once you start eating it will be very hard to stop. They can be made in different shapes, you can even make alphabets/numbers with them and and serve kids. By this way kids will enjoy snacks and will learn alphabets. My mother did the same thing when I was young.

Here is the recipe for easy and crispy murukulu

Ingredients: (makes 25-30 chakralu)
Rice flour-3 cups
Gram flour/ besan-1/2cup
Cumin seeds/jeera-1/4ts
Ajwain-1/4ts (crushed between 2hands)
Sesame seeds-few
Oil for deep fry
Water as required
salt to taste
chili powder-1ts
Murukula peta/press/maker
Plastic cover greased (zip lock bag teared to form a plain sheet)

Mix all the ingredients together with warm water and 2ts of oil/butter, the consistency of the dough should be like a  chapati/roti dough (Bread dough). Knead the dough thoroughly. Reat it for 20-30min.
Now take a pan and heat oil for deep fry. To make chakralu arrange muruku press with the star shaped mould. Take a small portion of dough in the presser and press it on the greased cover while rotation with hand.

Now take the prepared shape of dough from the cover with the help of four fingers and dip it in the oil and deep fry under medium flame. Repeat the process. If you want the plain muruku, arrange the muruku press with circular shape mould, take some dough in the presser and press them on the oil directly and deep fry them under medium flame.

Hope you like my recipe :)


  1. wowwww.. super crunchy murukku. perfect tea time snack. mouthwatering..

  2. murukku looks so crispy and tempting

  3. Feel like munching some,crispy beauties tempts me a lot..

  4. This snack is something I like very much...Looks crispy and delicious..

  5. delicious looking crispy snack looks wonderful

  6. Yum !!! I love how nicely they have come in that shape and look very crunchy :)

  7. Crispy Murukku love it any time ...looks crispy n crunchy...well done DD

  8. Nice and crunchy murukkus..once you start munching so difficult to stop.

  9. Very tempting.

  10. Crispy and crunchy irresistible murukkus.

  11. Deepavali is not complete without murukku for us. My friends will almost finish all that has been made.

    Over here at Malaysia, instant flour is very popular and I also use this to make murukku for saving time purpose.

    Thanks sis for visiting my blog, appreciate it very much.

  12. Crispy and crunchy murukku, perfect tea time snack.

  13. Crispy and tempting murukulu !! love to have anytime !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Roti Pachadi/Chutney

  14. Crispy crunchy murukkus would be perfect with a cup p coffee..

  15. This look wonderful. It made my mouth water, feeling hungry :)

  16. Thanks for your recipe,
    There is a nice machine for Idiyappam and Murukku making.Please visit

  17. Thank you for the lovely comments and keep visitng my blog for more wonderful recipes!!!

  18. Thank you for the lovely comments and keep visitng my blog for more wonderful recipes!!!

  19. Hi DD, I love ur blog and will surely follow ur blog:) thxs for ur lovely comments on my blog too

  20. They look so crispy and delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog (

  21. Damn crazy about murukku.thanks for giving their recipes.
    healthy snack recipes for kids


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