Lemon rice- Yellow fried rice- Tiger rice

I wonder why I did not post this simple and easy recipe. This is the very quick, delicious, colorful recipe prepared in all parts of India. Lemon rice is one variety of fried rice, there are made in wide flavors such as raw mango, tamarind, coconut, lemon-onion etc., It is also called with different names pulihora in Telugu, puliodhara in Kannada, chitrannam in tail, tiger rice in English (Indian- English). I love the temple version of pulihora, it tastes delicious. It is prepared in almost all festive occasions in India. Generally it is done with left over rice.

Riced- cooked- 2cups
Lemon Juice- 4ts
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds- 1/2ts
Mustard seeds- 1/2ts
Pea nuts/ phalli/ground nuts-few in number
Green chili/ pepper- 2-3 longitudinally split.
red chili-1
cashew nuts- few(optional)
Curry leaf-3in number(optional)
Note: (Lemon-Onion rice) Addition of finely chopped 1/2 cup of onions gives a nice flavor. This step is optional.

Heat oil in a skillet under medium flame and add cumin seeds and mustard seeds, when they starts to splatter add ground nuts and saute them till they roast thoroughly. Now add green chili + red chili + turmeric {optional step(onions+curry leaf+cashew nuts)}. Saute and cook under medium flame, finally add salt and mix well. Now take rice  add lemon juice to it and mix well. Add this rice to the skillet and mix all the ingredients well, check for salt and lemon flavor add if required. Keep stirring under medium flame for 2-3min. Now the lemon rice are ready to serve.


  1. Very colorful and delicious looking lemon rice. Excellent preparation.

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  5. Lovely and tempting recipe.. Love it :)
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  6. Yummy and comforting lemon rice.

  7. simple and fantastic lunch box recipe


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