Fish fry indian style (ocean perch or salmon or tilapia or tuna) with Video

This was my first video when I started making videos, as I was new to this blogging world that time I did not get any reviews and comments in my blog, so I'm re-posting this video with complete recipe. This is oven version of fish fry. When ever I used to make pan fry of this recipe I used to suffer with fish smell, my home will be filled with fish smell. So I decided to cook in oven to relieve from this problem to some extent. You can try this recipe with ocean pearch/salmon/tilapia.

Fish pieces- 3 medium size
Olive oil/vegetable oil- 4ts
Rice flour/ corn flour/all purpose flour/maida- 1/2 ts
lemon juice-1ts
Chili powder-1/2ts
salt to taste
Ginger garlic paste -1ts
Green chili-finely chopped-1/2ts
Cumin powder-1/2ts
cumin seeds-1/4ts

De-frost,  clean & wash the fish and keep it aside. Now prepare the marination by mixing all the above mentioned ingredients except flour. make slits on broad side of the fish and apply marination carefully. Let it rest for few minutes mean while pre heat oven at 350F and prepare baking tray by covering with aluminium foil and greasing it. Place the marinated fish fillets on the baking tray, sprinkle some flour & oil on both sides and bake for 10min at 350F.
Now the fish is ready to serve.
Hope you like my recipe.


  1. fish fry is lokig gorgeous presentation is superb

  2. I fry the fish in a totally different way...liked your version :-)

  3. Good work dear.. Videos are more helpful in cookery..

  4. Love the presentation in the video format..keep rocking..

  5. Lovely video. You have put in sincere efforts to make it. It definitely reaches well than the text. Good work :)

  6. Good work on video. Keep it up. Fish recipes is wonderful.


  7. Those flavors sound great with the fish!

  8. Gorgeous and yummy fry... would love to have it anytime

  9. Simple awesome and delicious looking Fish Fry


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