Whole Wheat Indian Bread- Chapati/ roti

Whole Wheat Flour : ( From Wiki)
Wheat Grain is one of the healthy grain.
Whole wheat flour is more nutritious than refined white flour, although in a process called food fortification, some micronutrients are added back to the white flour (required by law in some jurisdictions). Fortified white wheat flour does not, however, contain the macronutrients of the wheat's bran and germ (especially fiber and protein). Whole wheat is a good source of calciumironfiber, and other minerals like selenium
Nutrition Facts Of Whole Wheat Flour:

 The roti or chapati made out of regular, bleached and enriched atta is not so healthy. Whole wheat flour contains good amount of fiber that is very good for diabetic patients.

Note: The main Drawback of this atta is it's life period, It cannot stay for many days like refined one. So, always change atta atleast once a month.

Ingredients for whole wheat flour chapati/roti:
Whole wheat flour:2cups
Maida/all purpose flour-2ts
Salt to taste
Water for mixing dough
vegetable oil-1/4cup


  • Take whole wheat flour + all purpose flour +salt and mix them thoroughly.
  • Now add 2ts of oil and yogurt (addition of these yields soft roti) and mix well. 
  • Add the adequate amount of water to knead the dough. The dough should be soft. just like chapati/roti dough.
  • Keep this aside for 15min by covering it with damp cloth.
  • Now make the dough it to small equal size balls.
  • Roll each ball just like roti and roast it on a pan by applying vegetable oil on both sides.
  • The healthy roti's are ready to serve.

Hope you all like my recipe :) 
MY question is:
Do you make these kind of roti's? & Do you have any tip for soft roti's except adding oil/yogurt?


  1. I add yogurt too and set aside for a min of 30 mins...

  2. wow..Thats yum yum chapati..
    I don't add yogurt..thats nice..

  3. I love chapatti too, especially with dhall:)

  4. Wow! great never try before with yogurt. thanks for sharing this.

  5. Our family favourite, i do almost twice a week for our dinner..

  6. I've never made these but, buy them for pizza...nice thin crust!

    P.S. I really like your YouTube Channel :)

  7. I add oil and knead the dough for 7 to 10 mins and rest the dough for a min of 15 mins.. while cooking, I never use a spatula, I press (use a kitchen towel) and turn it regularly until the roti puffs up.. yields super soft rotis.. I will try to give step-by-step pics when I do next time..

    Event: Healing Foods - Banana

  8. Hey DD...I am following your blog :)

  9. Looks perfect and great step by step pics. I like how you have nutritional value, it helps :)

  10. i never tried adding yogurt...wud try it...if i had chkd this half hour ago..i cud have tried

  11. This is a lovely method and I am excited to try it out!

  12. i too use to make 2 or 3 times in a week for dinner...for more softer rotis add 1/2-1 ripe mashed banana n knead the dough n set aside for 20-30 minutes..this gives very soft rotis..try this n tell me :)

  13. I avoid Pizza for this chapati roti :) Thank you for sharing these Food Recipes

  14. In this recipe one thing is great you have posted Nutrition Facts of this recipe !!

  15. I must have to take your blog as my primary blog for reading as there are so many new things to getting more and more true

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