Thin rice (Poha /Atukulu) sweet pongal

As every one know pongal is the festive dish in south India, I just tried this recipe with thin rice (Poha /Atukulu) and brown sugar instead of regular rice and jaggery. It came out really well.

Here is the recipe,
Thin Poha / Atukulu / thin rice : 4cups
Brown sugar-1cup (or you can use grated jaggery-3/4cup)
Unsalted Butter/ ghee-3ts
cardamom powder-1ts
Nuts (rasins + cashew nuts + almonds(walnuts))-1/2cup

  • Soak the thin rice in water for about 7-10min.
  • Drain out excess water, you can squeeze out water with hands.
  • Poha should not contain excess water.
  • Now, take a thick bottom non-stick pan and heat butter/ ghee under medium flame and when it melts add all nuts and saute them until the cashewnut turns golden brown.
  • Now add brown sugar and cook until the mixture starts bubbling up.
  • Add poha and stir it well, at this point if you need to improve consistency donot add water add butter/ghee.
  • This will cook very fast under, medium flame.
  • When the poha is completely cooked turn the stove off and add cardamom powder.

It is easy and simple dessert ready in just few minutes, I'm sure you will enjoy this and will make it again and again like me. It saves time.


  1. Healthy and yummy looking pongal recipe...

  2. Omg, droolworthy pongal, i want finish that whole dish rite now..

  3. U have some awards waiting in my space.. Pls do drop by and collect them dear..

  4. so wonderful and delicious pongal !!

  5. That sounds great, little unusual, but that is what is all about blogging, going out of your usual methods and trying new things :)

  6. thnQ frndz for your valuable comments :)

  7. very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards, sakkarai pongal recipe


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