How to cook Rice in a Rice cooker - Sona Masuri most commonly used rice in INDIA

Rice is the staple food of India, especially south India. It is rich is carbohydrates. This is the food of rich and poor. Rice are available in different colours (brown, white etc.,) and different dimensions. There are over thousand varieties of rice. Being a biotechnologist, I made a research on paddy my masters thesis is on rice plants, production of rice is not so easy job, there is lots of effort kept by farmers from the field plantation to marketing. so, friends never waste rice / any food. if you see the real efforts of farmers you don't even wish to waste a single grain of it.

Thousands of cultivars of rice are available, among them SONA MASOORI ( MASURI) rice are preferred by lot of Indians because of its taste and beautiful texture after cooking. They will not become mushy after cooking if you have cooked with right quantity of  water.
The quantity of water for cooking rice may vary from variety to variety and also depend on the age of the grain.
OLD GRAINS- require double the quantity of water ( for example, for 1cup rice you will need 2cups of water).
NEW GRAINS- require equal proportion or slightly more water( For example, for 1 cup of rice you will need 1 or 11/4 of water.
FACT: older rice will become the double of the quantity, and new rice will be the same. i.e If you cook 1 cup of old rice for which you need 2 cups of water it will yield 2cups of cooked rice and If you cook 1 cup of new rice for which you need 1cup of water it will yield 1cup of cooked rice only. 

Plain or White Rice Recipe:
Sona Masuri old rice more than 3 months older)-2 cups
Water - 2cups

careful vent will emit hot vapour


  • Take 2 cups of rice in a rice bowl and wash them once in water, do not wash twice you will loose some vitamins. 
  • Drain all the water.
  • Now, add 2 cups of water and wait for 10-15min, let them soak in water this will aid in better texture of rice.
  • Now clean the rice bowl with cloth on outer side, to remove any water. 
  • Place the rice bowl in cooker.
  • Close the lid
  • Connect the wire to the powder cord and ON the switch.
  • Now put on the switch on the bottom side of the cooker, then it will show the light on the indicator " Rice Cooking"
  • It takes 15-20min for the rice to completely cook.
  • After the rice is done the switch automatically the switch will click, like a toaster, when the rice is done. In some cookers, the rice will be warmed until you unplug the cooker.
  • Now the rice is ready to serve.
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  1. lovely pictorial..thankyou

  2. That is such an easy one, but love your step by step pics. Thanks for the info on the rice also :)

  3. I bought this rice for the first time. I am not used to this rice . its textureafter cooking ,smell .Can you help??
    I am used to basamati rice


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