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Hello Foodie's !!!!!!!!

Bloggywood buddies who are tired of searching for blog contests and give aways don't worry, here is the single platform where you can find the blog contests, due dates and announced winners/dish for the contest.

A whole hearted welcome my dear fellow bloggers. From today I'm starting a  "Food Blog News Daily" which is like a daily news paper. Here, you will find the daily updates of top bloggers and some interesting articles and success stories of food bloggers all around the world.

You can even find the blog marathons or contests hosted by different bloggers, blog gossips, EVERY MONTH NEWS LETTER with the popular post of all 4 weeks and popular dish of MONTH. Come and Subscribe to this blog with e-mail subscription or simply follow this blog.

Happy Blogging!!!!


  1. Great Deepthi... Wonderful initiative...

  2. This is very useful, one stop center for bloggers!

  3. Excellent! Thank You very much for taking the trouble.

  4. Wow nice idea and a gr8 step dear

  5. Wow Deepthi! Lovely thought, that would be great.

  6. Nice theme...would follow 4 sure

  7. Wonderful thought Deepthi..

  8. Great idea, will check the blog and follow it :)

  9. So sweet and thoughtful! Thanks dear!

  10. I really love the way you build your blog! Thanks. You really have some interesting dishes here.


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