Easy Breakfast Idea- Sweet Corn + Coconut Cream

Today morning I was feeling very lazy, may be due to the weather. It was raining all night. I got up really late, wanna try easy breakfast for my hubby. Just was searching a refrigerator for any instant food. Then I found Corn and Coconut cream, immediately I got an idea and implemented it. the recipe is very simple and easy.

All you need is
Sweet Corn Frozen-1cup
Coconut Cream-1ts

Take the corn in a bowl and microwave for 2-3min and when hot add coconut cream and enjoy. The coconut cream will melt in and give a marvelous flavor to corn. It's not just simple but easy, healthy and tasty too.  From now I'm gonna make it regularly.

Hope you like my recipe :)


  1. wow, that does sound like a simple and healthy breakfast :)

  2. ThnQ priya for super fast comment :)

  3. I love the natural sweetness in this dish...I bet it's so delicious!

  4. I can taste it rt away...love it

  5. so simple yet delicious breakfast !!

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