Alu Bonda / Potato Bajji: Indian potato balls

My grand mother used to say little story about this recipe, the story is during the British rule in India one chef made this aloo bonda and served it to white man. Then the man was surprised to see the curry inside the bonda and asked the chef about it that " how did this curry enter this bonda without any hole?" when the chef told the entire procedure then the white man appreciated him for making such a innovative recipe and also thought that Indians are intelliget.

When ever I make these bondas  I remember my grand ma's story. Though she is not with me now I remember her in memories and through these short stories

Aloo bonda are one of my fav snack item in the evening , it is very easy and quick recipe. However, it is rich in calories, it's OK to have them once in a while.
Potato boiled and mashed-1cup
Pepper / green chili- finely chopped- 2ts
cumin seeds-few
Crushed garlic -1/2 ts
Ajwain- few
salt to tate
Basin / Gram Flour-1cup
Real little pinch of turmeric
Oil for deep fry

  • Mix Basin + salt + cumin seeds + ajwain with water, the consistency of the batter should be thin.
  • Now mix potato+green chili+garlic+salt+ cumin seeds+turmeric  +ajwain in one bowl.
  • Make small balls out of the potato mixture and arrange them in a plate.
  • Now heat the oil for deep fry in a pan
  • Take the potato dumpling with hand and drop it in a gram flour mixture and make sure that the dumpling is well coated with it on all side and deep fry it.
  • Remove the dumplings when they turn golden brown.

The Aloo bonda are ready to serve, Enjoy these crispy potato balls with Mint chutney.
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  1. Yum, delicious platter. I would love to eat a few :)

  2. That's one interesting story and the bondas look too yum.

  3. These potatos are delicious!! Your recipes are so good! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Favorite tea time snack..delicious

  5. Bondas have come them with tea now...

  6. MOuthwatering here, my favourite anytime..

  7. aloo bondas always ma fav..Yours look lovely!!

  8. Like the inclusion of Ajwain, it will surely give it a wonderful flavour.

  9. Looks very nice..I just love it..:)

  10. This yummy aloo bondas with cup of tea:-) perfect combo..

  11. ThnQ frndz for your lovely comments :)


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