Tomato-Mint Rice/ bath

Rice Cooked-----------4cups(160ml)
Tomatos chopped----------------1cup
Mint/Pudina leaves----------------1/2cup
Green peas------------------------1/4cup
Green chili/pepper----------------1big(indian- 4)
Onion---------------------------1/2cup chopped
Ginger garlic paste---------------1ts
salt------------------------------to taste
Butter/ Ghee/ Olive oil/ Vegetable oil---2ts
Cinnamon stick------------------1
cardamom cloves---------------2 
Bay leaves----------------------2

  1. First prepare a curry paste with tomatos+Chili+Mint leaves by grinding them together.
  2. Take a pan and add 2ts of oil and heat it, to the oil add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaves. 
  3. when all the spices get baked add onions, gingergarlic paste, turmeric and green peas and fry until the onions are finely cooked.
  4. Now, add the first grinded paste and cook until the raw flavor of tomato vanishes.
  5. Add cooked rice and mix them. close the lid and cook in simmer for 2min.
  6. Finally garnish with cilantro and the delicious dish is ready.

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