poori with potato - besin curry

Poori...yummy breakfast.......
Though it is rich in calories...i prefer having it atleast once a week......
This is my hubby's favorite breakfast.....

For poori/puri:
Wheat flour--3cups
salt to taste
water required for mixing dough
oil 2 ts
Oil for deep fry

For Potato Besin curry:
Boiled and Sliced potato--1/2cup
besin flour/ gram flour-2table spoons mixed in 1/2cup of cold water.
chili powder-1/2ts
salt to taste
green chilies-2ts
cumin seeds-few
mustard seeds-few
turmeric powder-1/2ts
For poori/Puri:
  1. Kneed the dough by mixing flour+water+salt+oil. The Dough consistency should be little hard
  2. Wait for 15min and separate the dough in to small portions.
  3. Roll them out in to thin circle sheets.
  4. Heat the oil required for deep fry in a pan and fry the rolled out dough under medium flame.
  5. poori are ready to serve.

Note worthy:
For smooth and soft poories always fry them under medium flame.
For crispy poories fry under medium to high flame, and if u prefer still crispy poories add little corn flour while kneeding dough.

For Besin curry:
  1. Take a thick bottom pan and heat 2ts of oil.
  2. Add cumin + mustard seeds and allow them to splutter.
  3. Add onions + green Chiles + turmeric +red chili and saute them for about 2min.
  4. Add boiled and sliced potato and fry for about 2min.
  5. Add gram flour mixture + red chili powder+ salt and cook for about 5-6min.
  6. Add water to your required consistency.
  7. Boil for about 2min under medium flame.
  8. Now the curry is ready finally garnish with cilantro.

Note Worthy:
The curry becomes thick after cooling down so prepare it with thin consistency.

Enjoy this week end with quick, easy and yummy recipe.
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  1. Platter looks more appetizing...love poori masal a lot n like your recipe too :)
    Some awards r waiting for u in my space...come n collect them...
    Have a joyful weekend

  2. Both looks wonderful,super inviting and makes me hungry..

  3. Hungry seeing your delicious platter....

  4. sinful indulgence! but it's worth it..atleast once a week :P

  5. Perfect combination, would enjoy this everyday for breakfast.

  6. I would too love to have this in my breakfast. I like addition of besan in aloo subzi as it gives thickness as enhances the taste. Keep rocking with nice recipes.

  7. love this combo...
    looks delicious dear :)

  8. My family's favorite combination... Poori goes yum with potato always...

  9. Enjoyed browsing ur space and loved all the recipes. Glad to follow u:):) Poori with potato,amazing combo, looks very tasty.

  10. @ umm mymoonah, raji, aruna, vimitha and chitchat
    thnQ for your lovely comments.......

  11. Perfect combo .. looks so yummy.


  12. A delicious combi & makes for a memorable breakfast!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  13. That plate is enough for our dinner..send me..ha ha..its so good

  14. very nice combo. my mom makes similar curry with besan and potato


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